Every October, artists unite for Inktober to draw all through the month and share their work on social media. This October, our Community Sparks and Administratum Ademal are hosting the WorldAnvil Inktober Writers Gauntlet! We have some Halloween themed prompts to scare your socks off and get you writing and drawing!

We’ve prepared some special content for both artists and writers! If you’re feeling like challenging yourself, you can do it all! Write an article AND illustrate it!

For Artists

For artists we have developed the Inktober Prompts that you see above! You’re invited to do them in any order you want during the month, but on WorldAnvil Discord and across our social media we’ll be providing more info for the prompt of the day! Challenge yourself to do them in order!

For Writers

Each day of October we will be releasing a small prompt related to the Inktober Prompt for that day. Our challenge to you is to let that inspire you to write about something in your world befitting that prompt. You can use any template, and may even run in an entirely different direction with it altogether!

Before you ask . . . .

Will there be prizes?

No. This challenge is just for fun, to get you worldbuilding and stretching your creative muscles. We want to see what you can make! There may be a shiny badge for those who participate though. . . .

Where do I submit my work?

You can share it with us on social media @WorldAnvil and #InktoberWA2018, on our Discord, or via the WorldAnvil Codex article

Can I only use ink?

Nah! Be creative if you want. Inks, writing, watercolor, digital . . . you could even bake (if you do, make sure to send us some cupcakes!)

Where can I ask questions?

You can catch us on social media, or our Discord. On Discord, you can tag our special Crypt Keeper role for help!