Dimitris has recently hammered out so many new worldbuilding tools for you all! From world exporting, to on-the-fly article creation, check out details for each item below.


World Exporting

Hear ye hear ye! You have the ability to…COMPLETELY DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE OF YOUR WORLD. This is feature for ALL USERS, no restrictions apply. Only the owner of a world can download it, which includes Articles in all states (drafts, public, private)! Now you can keep local copies of your world and have the flexibility to work on your world offline. You can find this option in your World Configuration page.

Along with the whole world export, you can also choose to export articles individually as well! Simply click the Print/Export button at the bottom right of your article edit page to get a new ready-to-print page of your article.

1000 Prompts Inspiration Generator

For those involved in our Discord server, there was a time when members were challenged to submit as many unique prompts they could think of. After reaching our goal of 1000 prompts, these prompts are now used on the site for giving users inspiration straight from the community! When you visit your articles page a random prompt appears at the top far right corner. Choose one of the proposed relevant templates you want to use and get worldbuilding!

On-the-Fly Article Creation + Article In-Editor Linking

You will no longer have to open a thousand windows to link your articles! Do you want to add a relation (dropdown) for something that doesnt exist? Now just create an article on the fly. The articles automatically create a TODO entry as well. You can also jump to the articles you have already linkedThis new on-the-fly creation system is also available on maps, map markers, and timeline historical entries.

This feature is available to everyone, but was dedicated to the amazing members of the Guild. Dimitris worked a 16 hour marathon coding this feature (no sleeping, no eating). He is such a coding beast!

Religion Organization Tab

Create a religion using a new specifically designed tab within the Organization template! Many other related templates now also have links linking to these organizations based on the religion prompts. The Geopolitical tab also got some updates to help better describe some of the tab’s fields.

On-The-Fly CSS Editing [Guild Only Feature]

Ever wanted to easily preview your css changes for particular pages? Have we got a fantastic feature for our css enthusiasts! You can now change your css and see it happening live on your page! It cannot get easier than this to create a beautiful look for your worlds!

Toggle Children Article Appearance in the Table of Contents [Guild Only Feature]

Consider the following scenario: You create a building article about a dungeon. You add to it 60 rooms. You don’t want these rooms to appear in the Table of Contents, but you still want them to show IN the article when viewing it. To do this, head to your parent article and under Navigation > Linear Navigation uncheck the “Show articles under this in the Table of Contents” option.

Landmark Template Upgrade + RPG Friendly Rooms

The Landmarks template now has indicators for where the prompts appear on the page (main body or sidebar). The placement of some prompts were rearranged to make it easier to navigate as well. To help you create rooms for your RPG dungeons and locations, Dimitris introduced the Room tab. With the combination of maps to describe your rooms and the ability to choose if children articles appear or not, this gives the best opportunity to create massive buildings without bogging down your Table of Contents.


Worldbuilding Workflow

  • To expedite your worldbuilding journey on the site, going to <https://www.worldanvil.com/> will directly transport you to your active worlds dashboard. Clicking the World Anvil Logo will get you to your Overall Dashboard.
  • Not sure what template to choose when creating a country? The Organization/Religion template now covers Countries!


  • In addition to the new on-the-fly css editing, enjoy the ability of on-the-fly CSS Theme changes.

  • Added BBcode Buttons to the Authors Comments section. [Guild Enhancement Only]

RPG Campaign Functionality

  • Easily access blocks from your Dashboard for DnD5e (the same will happen for all systems will a complete set of blocks)!

  • Choose to make your RPG Blocks visible to everyone. Just click on the Checkbox just before the save button.

What’s Coming Up?

As announced in the latest World Anvil weekly Twitch stream, Dimitris is working on the “Blue Goat” maps update! This will allow you click on the pin and see a sidebar on the left side appear containing more article information connected to this pin.  This is to enable easier world navigation on your maps! In addition, he is also working on an easier method to create basic pins on your maps. Thank you Dimitris for letting us work smarter, not harder!

We hope these powerful worldbuilding tools bring your World Anvil experience to new heights! Do you see a feature or enhancement here you are interested or excited to use? Leave a comment and let us know!

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