Staff here at World Anvil are completely blown away by the #WASummerCamp competition this week… Tonnes of articles have been rolling in all week at lightning speeds, resulting in 4584 across 577 competitors. What a marathon for writing, and equally a marathon for reading! But don’t worry, we’ve put together a quick roundup of this week’s Summer Camp articles for everyone- including small posts, detailed posts, and everything in between!

A Quick Note: This week, Chart Toppers will not be pointed out to keep the leaderboard stats a mystery. Dun dun dun!

Before you read on, don’t forget to check out our Roundups for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 of #WASummerCamp if you haven’t already!

Day 22: Describe the traditional funeral rites of a culture in your world

Week 4 of World Anvil Summer Camp 2018 impressed us with a massive 3,459 entries from 524 competitors! As of today, 135 entries are dedicated to this prompt. Gorge announced the top stats during his daily Twitch stream, before the leaderships stats became hidden from all competitors. This is so you can concentrate on writing the final stretch! Janet brings to life a multitude of ideas in her Unpacking the Prompt. From the physical treatment of the deceased, the metaphysical reactions of the soul, to the mourning processes of loved ones still alive.


Day 23:What’s the highest rank in a powerful organisation in your world?

Janet in Unpacking the Prompt produced an array of rank naming flavors, such as religious, military, or scholarly structures. In parallel with highest ranks, the number of entries and competitors keep getting higher. Gorge reported in his daily livestream 3,582 entries across 536 competitors! A commanding 131 entries were submitted to this prompt!


Day 24: Describe the events of the shortest war in your world’s history.

With animated enthusiasm, Janet explained many ways a war could occur in Unpacking the Prompt. Some of these motivations include territorial gain, nationalism, and revenge! During the daily livestream, Gorge reported a total of 3,700 entries across 540 competitors, with 123 entries committed to this topic. If you have any conflict with this prompt, we hope all this inspiration resolve the struggle quickly!


Day 25: What traditions surround courting and marriage in one culture of your world?

Gorge marched into Day 25, teasing us on leader stats and reporting a whopping 3,922 entries across 554 competitors on his daily stream. That’s a 222 entry increase in one day! A solid 106 entries were submitted to this prompt as of now. Janet traverses across the landscape of marriage in Unpacking the Prompt, focusing around the drive for procreation. She also brings to consideration families involved and the possible importance they have in a union.


Day 26:Describe the greatest pirate legend in your world. Did it really happen?

Day 26 takes a legendary twist with Janet in Unpacking the Prompt, giving various examples on why a character would want to be a pirate. We also breached 4,000 entries with 562 competitors during Coach Gorge’s daily livestream! Shiver me timbers! Presently, 113 of our total entries account for this prompt alone.


Day 27: Share a short poem, haiku or song that was written by someone in your world.

Janet serenades her way in Unpacking the Prompt, pointing out quick tips for writing this prompt. She mentions treating the song or poem as an excerpt from a longer piece of work, creating a live recording of the piece, or focusing on the very popular topic of love. Coach Gorge continues to tease us with leaderboard stats, confirming 4,239 entries across 568 competitors during his daily livestream! This prompt currently has 130 entries submitted.


Day 28: Describe the most exotic pet in your world? Why is it so rare?

With 2 days left, Unpacking the Prompt talked about another species related topic: What is the most exotic pet in your world? Janet provides different appealing aspects of an exotic creature, such as their looks, maintenance, abilities, and social interaction. During the WorldAnvil Weekly Update, Gorge quickly chimed in summer camp stats: 4,357 entries and 571 competitors, with 113 exclusive to this prompt. Dimitris also stokes the last minute creative fires with the potential for earning a marathon badge for competitors just starting the challenge on Day 28!


Day 29: What’s the biggest city in your world, and what’s its history?

With a bumper to bumper stream special, Gorge catches up featuring articles from Day 28 as well as covering Day 29. He continues to taunt the current rankings, and reports 4,526 entries across 573 competitors! The number of new participants have considerably slowed down, but entries continue to increase with fervor. An immense 142 entries are submitted for this prompt alone! Both Janet and Dimitris discuss in Unpacking the Prompt various aspects about a monumental city, such as how people are fed, how the city is defended, how people get around, and how resources are traded.


Day 30: Outline a brief plot of a story that could take place in your world.

We have reached Day 30 with a fitting prompt, expanded by our wonderful Janet in Unpacking the Prompt! The stream has not happened yet, so be sure to tune in to GorgeFodder’s last summer camp Livestream, airing at 21:00 BST on World Anvil’s Twitch channel, covering the final features and stats. This may be the last prompt for summer camp, but we hope this certainly isn’t the last for your world moving forward!


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Pat yourselves on the back Anvilites, you all made it! Be creative, push through the final day, and have fun!