We’ve grown a lot in the last three years, and we’re always happy to listen to what YOU need! World Anvil’s development has been based on your feedback since the beginning, which is why now we’re running a poll so that you can help us forge the future of World Anvil.

Answer the poll!

What is the Forge the Future survey?

World Anvil wouldn’t exist without our amazing community (that’s you, beautiful bean!), so we want to make sure that you have all the tools you need for your projects. With this survey, we want to learn how you’re using World Anvil and what features you’d like to see added or improved. These are the sections you can expect:

  • What kind of user you are: a GM will probably have different needs than a writer!
  • Current features: rate them, from 1 to 5. This will help us learn which features should be improved first.
  • Future features: yes, you can rate future features too! The ones with the highest rating will be prioritized.
  • Community: it’s a very important part of World Anvil, so we want to know what you think about it.
  • Support: finally, we also want to know if you’ve found our help and support systems useful.

So, what are you waiting for? Go answer now!

Answer the poll!

Why should I answer the survey?

Good question! World Anvil started as a personal project for Janet and Dimitris, but it’s grown to be so much more than that. Now, World Anvil is for all of you, so we think you should have a say in World Anvil’s future! Answering the poll will not only give us a better view of our community, but it will also give you a chance to influence the project’s direction. At the end of the day, all we want is to give you a place to be creative with your awesome worldbuilding. Plus, everyone who answers the survey will enter a raffle with a chance to win some glorious World Anvil merch!

Ready to change World Anvil’s future? Go answer the poll!