Want to gift something to your creative friend? Get them a World Anvil Gift Subscription! You’ll be giving them the gift of creativity… and also organization —what’s there better than this? If your friend likes worldbuilding, this is sure to make them happy. So, let’s unpack how it works and how to get one!

What’s a World Anvil Gift Subscription?

A gift subscription, or Guild Pass, is a code you can buy for your friend that will let them activate a Guild subscription for their account. The subscription will be active for 12 months, and you get to choose the Guild rank (Master, Grandmaster, or Sage).

It’s a great way to give a personal gift and support a small, friendly company, rather than a giant megacorporation! Help your friend do what they love best —and with our organization tools, you’ll be helping them succeed in their goals!

How do I get one?

It’s easy! Just head to the Guild Passes page and pick one of the three options! All Guild Passes are for 12 months, but you can choose the Guild rank. If you don’t know which membership to get your friend, we just put together some advice on this! Here’s some for writers and for DMs & RPG creators too!

We’ll be thrilled to help you make this the perfect gift for your creative friend or loved one!