Want to learn how to get best out of self-publishing? Amy Winters-Voss, a pro writer who’s self-publishing her novel, is here to help you out! And she’ll share details of her upcoming novel Rise: The Liminal Chronicles, an urban fantasy novel steeped in Japanese lore and wonderful characters!

Writing a book: traditional or self-publishing?

Amy started her journey as a writer three years ago, and like many of us, she had a lot to learn about writing and publishing! And like many of us, she started because she knew there was a story inside her waiting to be written. Her childhood experiences, along with her experiences in Japan, inspired her first novel, Rise: The Liminal Chronicles.

Once your story is ready, it’s time to choose traditional or self-publishing —and it’s a very personal decision! While both styles have their own pros and cons, she finally chose self-publishing:

I chose to self-publish because I wanted more control over my book series. Additionally, in today’s world, the author still has to do so much of their own publicity. Self-publishing isn’t a far stretch beyond that.

But being your own boss isn’t all wine and roses! She’s had to do a ton of stuff by herself: hunting down errors in her manuscript, printing and formatting the book, and funding the whole process. Which, as you can imagine, can get pretty stressful at times if you’ve never done it before! However, she told us about the amazing support and advice she’s got from her family, friends, and World Anvil community —self-publishing doesn’t mean you have to do it alone!

And, finally, she has an extra piece of advice for you: Prepare yourself for the long haul!

Using World Anvil as a professional writer

Amy stumbled upon World Anvil when Rise was in its first draft:

My notes in Scrivener were a disaster. World Anvil was a god-send!

Amy gave us a tour of her setup on World Anvil. It’s divided into two worlds —her Liminal Chronicles world and her Author site:

  • Her Liminal Chronicles page is the homepage of her series, where readers can learn more about the books and the world. She shares short stories to get people excited, and even secrets about the world for those who’ve read the book already!
  • Her author site, which she started later on, is something that “every author needs to have info on their books, an about me page, and contact page at a minimum!”, she explains.

And she even used the global content block feature to create a header bar to tie everything together!

The Liminal Chronicles world on World Anvil

This is the Liminal Chronicles’ homepage on World Anvil! Go check it out!

The interaction on WA and in the community is unrivaled. So much more than I’ve seen on other platforms. I love seeing what other people are doing too! And the Sage Workshops have been a tremendous help in learning how to organize my worlds, especially the front pages.

So, what is Rise: The Liminal Chronicles about?

Rise is an urban fantasy based on Japanese mythology, about a young man who desperately wants to start his life over after leaving the yakuza, the mob. But there’s such a stigma against the yakuza, it’s hard to keep a job! When he rescues the little old lady who antagonizes him and keeps her secret about a supernatural entity, he’s convinced the repercussions will send him back to the slammer. Instead, it just might be his path to redemption…

Are you as excited about this book as I am? Because it’s releasing on April 30th, but it’s already available for preorder! And make sure to check our Amy on World Anvil, as well as her Discord community and Twitch streams.

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