We are SO excited to finally reveal an AWESOME event we’re hosting – COW CON 2: How to create a Kickass Campaign!

How to create a Kickass Campaign?!

After the success of last year’s event, our Online Masterclass for Game Masters, we’re back!

This year our topic is Creating a Kickass Campaign! The event itself will be held on Saturday, 5th June. It’ll be free and all you’ll need to join us is an internet connection!  Whether you’re a brand new GM or a seasoned pro, our focus on How Not to Be Boring will help you get your players running back to your table, and excited to play the next adventure in your campaign. Even if you’re already in the middle of a campaign, we’ll give you the best tips to engage your payers!

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What’s the Circle of Worldbuilders?

The Circle of Worldbuilders is a collaborative effort between World Anvil (that’s us!) , GreatGM, DungeonFog, and Caeora, all leaders in our respective fields.

  • How to be a Great GM: Game Master, screenwriter, author and Youtuber, Guy Sclanders is the face of the How to be a Great GM YouTube channel.
  • DungeonFog is the number one software to create battlemaps for every genre.
  • World Anvil, of course, is the ultimate worldbuilding platform and campaign manager, helping Game Masters to create amazing campaign settings and run their games in any genre or system!
  • Caeora is an internationally renowned illustrator and cartographer who has made maps for, among others, the Critical Role Franchise!

Where can I learn more?!

Keep us with the latest on this by signing up for the CIrcle of Worldbuilders newsletter! We’re so excited to reveal more soon. In the mean time? Grab your hammer, and GO WORLDBUILD!

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