LEGENDS is the amazing Hummelverse trading card game with sentient tanks! And you know the best part about this? Arty, an anvilite, made it! It’s a super cool and unique project, and playing it is a ton of fun!

What’s the Hummelverse trading card game about?

LEGENDS is set in the Hummelverse, Arty’s world —an alternate universe inhabited by sentient vehicles! In this game, you’ll be building your deck with the goal of both defending your HQ and attack your enemy’s HQ. You can then field your forces to fight your opponent’s tanks —and may the best player win! But it’s not just about raw strength, as you’ll need to come up with a cunning strategy to use your special abilities and react to events. And keep an eye on those resources! A tank is useless without ammunition, after all (don’t tell that to Arty, though)!

Arty has also put together an amazing trailer for LEGENDS —check it out!

This is a cool game, there’s no other way around it! LEGENDS’ starter box comes with 122 cards —enough for two players— and it’s already available for pre-order on his website! And stay tuned for the future, as new decks will be released to make your strategies even better!

Who’s Arty anyway?

Arty has been a member of the Guild since 2018, and his world is well-known within our community! I mean, who wouldn’t pay attention to a world with sentient tanks? It’s such a fun and unique concept! And he’s been using World Anvil to develop the Hummelverse and to prepare the release of the Hummelverse trading card game. And now that he’s about to release it to the world, he told us his experience with World Anvil:

Since I signed up in February 2018, World Anvil has been a huge help to me. The tool allowed me to refine and expand the Hummelverse’s worldbuilding and lore, and build a supportive, enthusiastic audience. I felt at home right away, despite how strange and different my worldbuilding is. In these years since I’ve been a member of this wonderful community, I haven’t regretted joining and becoming a part of the Guild even once.


LEGENDS is a card game about tanks

They even come with self-repairing hands!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go check out LEGENDS and pre-order the starter’s box now! And if you’re interested in creating your own games, make sure you check out World Anvil, the perfect place to create your world, annotate your rules, and share your work with the world!