Ever wished you had a smart worldbuilding assistant to give you helpful tips and tricks? Well, say hi to Eugene the unhelpful udan, our newest feature! Let’s take a look at what this earnest little creature has to offer!

What’s the unhelpful udan?

Eugene the unhelpful udan

A million words? That’s just 100 WorldEmbers!

Eugene is the next-generation AI-powered neural worldbuilding engine! We’ve been hard at work training Eugene the udan with the best worldbuilding tips, to make your worldbuilding faster and more productive than ever! The result? Well, let’s look at some examples, shall we?

Feature 1: productivity check!

Eugene will pop-up at random times while you’re calmly working on your project to remind you to stay focused! And what’s the first thing you need to stay productive? Achievable goals! So our lovely Eugene will make sure you stay on track towards your goal!

Eugene gives a worldbuilding prompt

Dinos make Eugene happy!

Feature 2: Worldbuilding prompts from the unhelpful udan!

Say goodbye to writer’s block! If you’re ever feeling uninspired, Eugene will give you a random prompt from our extensive prompt database. Just a warning that he’s somewhat obsessed with velociraptors and bananas. To be fair, though, no world is complete without them!


Feature 3: Totally helpful World Anvil tips!

Eugene the unhelpful udan

Categories? Who needs categories!?

Eugene has been trained by World Anvil experts, so he wants to make sure you become an expert too! Now and then, he’ll come up with a random tip that is sure to be extremely useful and completely relevant to what you’re currently doing! That’s what Eugene thinks, anyway.

Let us know what you think about this cool new feature. We think it will revolutionize how people approach worldbuilding on World Anvil!

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably realized that Eugene is our April Fool’s prank for 2021! If not, happy April Fools day! Seriously, though – make sure to check out the Artemis feature – it’s an amazing feature that will actually increase your productivity!

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