Looking to run or play a Blade Runner RPG campaign? Want to make sure your adventures are not lost in time, like tears in rain? Well, World Anvil now supports the Blade Runner Character Manager!

How to create the character

After creating a new account, follow these four steps to set up your Blade Runner character!

  1. Create a character, choose “Bladerunner” as the system
  2. Then, edit the character and “Create/Choose character sheet”
  3. Choose “Blade Runner RPG Character (Bladerunner)” to create a new sheet
  4. Fill in the sheet as appropriate

Once done, it should look something like this!

Blade Runner character sheet on World Anvil

Blade Runner character sheet on World Anvil

All of those dice formulas are clickable, so you can roll virtual dice on the sheet itself if you don’t have physical ones!

Blade Runner Character Manager

This character has everything you need to play Blader Runner: a quick character profile, skills, weapons… and even a virtual dice roller! But an RPG character is so much more than just some numbers on a screen. That’s why the Blade Runner character manager on World Anvil goes beyond the character sheet and gives you a full social experience. You can post updates as your character as if it was social media, announce your accomplishments, write journals and share them with the rest of the party, and more! If your fellow players are also using World Anvil, you’ll be able to interact between sessions too—no need to wait for the GM to prepare another game to keep roleplaying! It’s a great way to strengthen your character’s personality and relationships, as well as to deal with downtime.

And of course, everything is integrated with the rest of World Anvil. Ask your GM for the invite link to join the campaign and you’ll be able to take advantage of extra features, like part equipment and live editing of some stats!

Blade Runner Campaign Manager for Game Masters

If you’re looking for a Blade Runner Campaign Manager, World Anvil’s got you covered! Start by using the article templates to create the relevant factions, characters, or technologies of your setting. And then use diplomacy webs or family trees to represent relationships between them, maps to have a visual representation of the setting, or even Chronicles to know its history! Then, invite your players with their characters and open the digital storyteller screen to start running your first session. From there, you’ll be able to control everything about your campaign: quickly reference worldbuilding details, use images as handouts, and see your players’ sheets at a glance.

Ready to create your Blade Runner character or campaign? Create your World Anvil account to get started!

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