World Anvil Lifetime Sage Membership?! Yes, they’re finally here! All those who have been requested World Anvil Lifetime Memberships will be pleased to know that they’re NOW AVAILABLE IN THE STORE! We’re also releasing some more Lifetime Grandmaster memberships too! Read on to learn what they are, and how to buy one.

What is a World Anvil Lifetime Membership?

Well, basically, it’s a World Anvil membership! But instead of paying a subscription once per six months, or once year, it’s a onetime fee. Forever. You’ll be able to use either Grandmaster or Sage (depending on the tier you buy) for the Lifetime of World Anvil, which should be many years to come! They’ll only be available June and July 2021 and we’re only releasing 100 of each, though – so if you want one, snap it up quick!

What do I get with WA’s Sage Tier?

Our Sage tier is geared towards professionals or those who want to give their world that most professional look! In addition to everything that Grandmasters get, you’ll have 20 co-authors and 1000 subscriber slots, white-labelling, your own URL for one world, and access to the monthly Sage Seminars with me and Dimitris, where we advise on professional topics and even workshop your worlds! For more information on the different guild tiers Sage, check out our pricing page and this guide in the codex.

Pssst. If you don’t know which membership you need, check out our guides for writers and for Dungeon Masters

How do I purchase a World Anvil Lifetime Membership?

World Anvil Lifetime Sage Memberships and Grandmaster Memberships are now available in our store. If you’re considering buying one for the first time, read the purchase process below carefully! These are special memberships and need to be handled with extra care.

The purchase process:

  1. Purchase one of the two types of memberships below.
  2. You will receive a code via email within 72 hours (make sure you’ve added your email to your purchase!) If your code doesn’t appear, email us at hello(at) with your order number.
  3. You must cancel your recurring subscription if you have one so you don’t get charged again. You can do this here. Please note that we can’t refund remaining time on your existing subscription and that if your existing subscription renews because you did not cancel it, we cannot be held financially responsible.
  4. Apply your code here once your current membership has expired.

There are three types of memberships!

Read carefully to make sure you purchase the right membership for you!

  1. LIFETIME GRANDMASTER: a lifetime Grandmaster membership.
  2. LIFETIME SAGE: if you have a regular World Anvil subscription and want lifetime Sage, this is for you.
  3. LIFETIME UPGRADE CONVERSION KIT: if you already have lifetime Grandmaster and want to upgrade to Lifetime Sage, this is for you. We will contact you directly following your purchase to upgrade your preexisting lifetime membership, so read the page carefully and make sure you use your World Anvil account email address!

Why should I purchase a World Anvil Lifetime Membership?

If you are looking at World Anvil for the first time, we strongly recommend that you try out the platform with a regular subscription before splashing out on a Lifetime Sage membership! We’ve made these special Lifetime Memberships only because our community keeps requesting them! We know they’re not for everyone, and we don’t want anyone to feel pressured into buying it! These memberships are expensive, because we calculate around 5 years of membership time (with a bit of a discount) into the cost.

Will more Lifetime Memberships be available in the future?

Prooooooooobably not. Last year we released Grandmaster Lifetime tiers for a period of 60 days as an experiment. Many people requested a lifetime Sage tier membership, and so we’ve decided to open them once again. This is most likely a onetime offer, as Lifetime Memberships take some admin on our side to arrange, and we are not planning to make these available again.

What if I need more subscribers in the future?

If you ever need more than the subscriber slots that come as standard with your lifetime membership package, we’ll create a small bolt-on payment for you, depending on how many you need, to reflect the extra payload on the system.


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