We’re so excited – 10k Youtube Subscribers on Youtube! WHOOOOOOOOOP!

Actually, we’re so excited that we’re doing a big giveaway! You can check out our video here for all the details, plus some fun times (and watch me go crazy with excitement – I’ve worked really hard on this!):

Just in case you didn’t know we had a Youtube Channel, you can check it out at www.Youtube.com/worldanvil! We have a really lovely community there – even our comments section is friendly and helpful! We post a few videos a week: our content includes our Interviews with Professional Worldbuilders and Academics, as well as stand-alone worldbuilding inspiration videos. There’re also World Anvil tutorials…. but more on that later. And of course, we do announcements of new features – so it’s a great place to learn about what’s upcoming and new on the World Anvil worldbuilding platform!

What’s next?

We’re so thrilled to have reached 10k youtube subscribers, and we’re definitely considering the next steps for the channel. We’re going to have a big clean up, and get rid of some of the outdated tutorials. We need to revamp the thumbnails too – hoooWEEEEE there are a lot of different styles on there! And of course, we’ve tried lots of different formats for videos when we were starting out – so there’s a lot of stuff to sort out! We’re going to be doing a pre-spring clean to set up playlists and the like.

And finally, there’s the long-awaited tutorials series! I’ll be releasing the first of these tomorrow which goes through how to link articles. That’s mainly the mentions system, placeholder system and how to use the purple inkwell button. I’m always surprised to see how many of our core users don’t know ALL the cool stuff – and that’s on us. So tutorials, HERE WE COME!

Let me know if the comments what kind of videos you’ve enjoyed! What do you want us to do more of? Which guests to you want us to get on? Can’t wait to hear what you guys think 🙂