For quite a while now we have been experimenting with different stores and merch providers to make sure that the quality of our merch is as awesome as you and after a long adventure, I am very happy to say that …


We have found the best producers for print on demand that delivery the highest quality of our designs at reasonable prices and good delivery for both our Anvilites in the US and Europe.

Also, now, it’s easier than ever to gift to your Game Master a World Anvil subscription or ask your friends/parents for one!

Our goal is to design some cool tees, hoodies, and mugs that you as Game masters, Writers and above all, worldbuilders will be excited to wear to show your colors to the world!

Go have a look! And please, if you have any good ideas about things you’d like us to create for you, let me know! This is our first actual store, and I am sure, we have a lot to learn from you!