Making sure that your maps look amazing and that we can help you bring your worlds to life is one of our primary concerns. That is a fact.

That is why we strive to give you more toys for your maps as regularly as we can! Today we start a new theme of pins for your maps, the name, Flat.

I know it falls a bit … flat, but it is to the point. We plan The Flat theme will be a collection of over 200 pins created on the same clean style and specifically targetted to those who write fiction either for their games or literature.


You can see the first batch live here but this is the list of the pins that was released:

  • Bridge
  • Camp, Tipi
  • Camp, Tent
  • Castle
  • Church
  • City
  • Farm
  • House
  • Houses
  • Mine, Cart
  • Mine, Pickaxe
  • Port
  • Ruin, Tower
  • Ruin, Keep
  • Stable
  • Star
  • Tower
  • Village

Both in dark(Black) and light(White) variants.

In addition to that, I have started work on a new system that will make your life easier. Soon enough when you create a new marker you will be able to SEE the pin before you select it AND pins now have tags, which means that searching through them will be much easier. If you are a Grandmaster creating your own pins you will be able to organize them the way you want.

BUT I need your help! I have a very big collection of ideas of what these pins can be! Help me filter them and order them.

Which are the pins you need for your maps?

Let me know in the comments below!