We love giving you tools to better organize your worldbuilding —that’s what World Anvil’s all about! The new checkbox feature might seem small but you can actually use it in a variety of ways! So let’s look at five different ways to use it.

What’s the checkbox feature about?

The checkbox feature is a set of seven new BBCode tags that generate a checkbox in different states. This means that you can use them almost anywhere on World Anvil! This includes articles, but also campaign reports and journals, character profiles, quest descriptions, and more. Wondering what the seven checkbox states look like? Check this out:

The seven checkbox feature states

Use the code in the left (for example [x]) to generate the result in the right!

So, how can you use this in your world? Let’s take a look at five ideas!

1. Track your quests with the checkbox feature

If you’re using World Anvil for RPGs, this will be very useful to you! Our quest tracker will let you manage your character quests, but by using checkboxes you can keep track of everything you need to do to complete the quest! For example, you could mark the state of subquests in this way:

Example using checkboxes on quests

Isn’t that a super-clear way of keeping track of everything?

2. Keep your followers updated on your world!

If your world is public, this tip is for you! Making regular announcements explaining what has changed in your world is a great way to engage with your followers. And with the checkbox feature, you can so easily represent each kind of change in a very clear and visual way. Combine this with the global content blocks, and you’ll have yourself an amazing development journal!

Using the checkbox feature for development updates

Checkboxes are great visual hints and also add some color to your content!

3. Behind-the-scenes to-do lists

Now, World Anvil already has an interactive to-do list that is integrated with your world’s content. However, if you have followers you might want to treat them with some behind-the-scenes content —especially if you have supporters on platforms like Patreon! You can use the checkbox feature to show your audience what you’re currently working on in your world. Combine this with both the global content blocks and subscriber groups to control who exactly can see it!

Using the checkbox feature as a to-do list

I wish my to-do list was as short as this one!

4. Use the checkbox feature for character traits!

This is especially useful for roleplayers —both GMs and players! You’ve already seen the + and – checkboxes, so why not use them as buffs/debuffs, or as character abilities and penalties? Using visual details like these little boxes make your content much more engaging and easy to read!

Using the checkbox feature for character abilities

You can quickly see which is the positive and negative trait!

5. Article-specific to-do lists

If you’re working on a long article, you might want to keep a specific to-do list for that article. There are several ways you can do this, but the checkbox feature is a great one! Add everything you have to complete in the article’s sidebar, so you’ll always know what you need to work on when you view the article.

Using article-specific to-do lists

You can get more creative and use other checkbox states too —the goal is to be as productive as possible!

So, ready to boost your worldbuilding productivity? Create your free World Anvil account as a writer or game master now if you haven’t yet! We have many other features that will help with your organization.

How are you using the checkbox feature? Let me know in the comments!