Do you ever dream of writing software that understands your world? And a workflow that lets you focus on your writing without a ton of extra apps? Well, stop dreaming! Manuscripts, our new novel writing software, is here —packed with tools and fully integrated with our worldbuilding toolset!

The information on this blog post might be outdated! Check the documentation for the most up-to-date information about this feature.

What’s Manuscripts?

Manuscripts is our online novel writing software. And, unlike other similar software, it sits on top of our robust worldbuilding toolset. Thit means that Manuscripts is not only great for writing, but also amazing for anyone with complex worldbuilding. Search, read, and even edit your world without ever leaving the page! Here’s how the interface looks while editing a scene:

Use manuscripts to write your story

This is how Manuscripts will look like the first time to use it!

Use the left sidebar to re-order scenes and chapters, and the right one to add notes and link the scene to elements of your world. And don’t worry about the clutter —you can easily remove both sidebars for a more focused writing experience! The search bar at the top will search both the Manuscript and the articles on your world:

Use the search feature to look up elements of your world

Look how easy it is to bring up information from your world!

Editing your manuscript

Editing is fun! Or so I like to tell myself… But anyway, Manuscripts will make it easier! Use the label system to see which scenes need more attention at a glance. And the review interface will make dealing with long manuscripts a breeze!

And if you have beta readers, you can set your manuscript so that only they can read it (and leave comments too!). Pretty nifty, huh?

The review interface lets you see details about your scenes

Editing might not be fun, but it’s definitely easier now!

Time to publish!

When you’re done writing, it’s time to either export the manuscript or publish it on World Anvil. Currently, you can export it in HTML format, which you can copy-paste into another word processor like Word or Google Docs, keeping the format. You can then export it to any other format, such as PDF. If you decide to export, you can leave the Manuscript as private or unpublished on World Anvil —the story is yours, and you can publish it anywhere.

You can also publish it directly on World Anvil. All of your followers will get a notification, and the Manuscript will appear in the community listing. You can also lock chapters to your supporters only! If you go this route, make sure to upload a book cover, add a back cover summary, and tag it with its genres and themes!

example manuscripts book

Your Manuscript will be displayed like this if you publish it on World Anvil.

Why Manuscripts?

If you’re not convinced yet, don’t take our word for it! The 2020 Writer’s Digest featured us as one of the best fantasy writing tools! And the fact that some amazing best-selling writers like Chris Fox and Brian McClellan use our platform seems to confirm their recommendation! If you want to see exactly all the features of this tool, check out the Guide to Manuscripts.

So, ready to try it out? Forget the mess that is your hundred pages long and start writing amazing stories today! Grab your Master membership and get writing right away!