GaryCon 2021 is happening in March —and we’ll be there! This year’s convention will happen between the 25th and 28th of March, so mark your calendar!

Join the fun at GaryCon 2021!

GaryCon 2021 is an amazing opportunity to play DnD and other Tabletop RPG games, meet people, attend seminars to learn more about GMing and RPGs, and have fun all around!

GaryCon 2021 poster

Come see us at GaryCon on March 25-28!

Wondering what to do during the convention?

Well, the schedule hasn’t been released yet, but we KNOW there’ll be various panels and seminars. Janet and Dimitris, our co-founders, have already announced they’ll be on a worldbuilding panel with some of the leading names in the industry – Keith Baker, Shane Hensley, and Wolfgang Bauer! And of course, you can expect other cool workshops and seminars too. And if you’re looking to dust off your dice, there’ll be RPG games galore! You’ll be able to play live in the dedicated Discord server!

Where does GaryCon2021 happen?

The convention will happen mostly on the official GarryCon Twitch channels and Discord server. There will be a dedicated World Anvil channel on their Discord and several on-stream raffles too. These will include World Anvil membership raffles, so don’t miss out on them!

Ready to register?

To get in the convention you need one of the virtual badges — there are 3 tiers and each has its own benefits! You can get the highest level badge until March 9th, and the lowest one closes on March 17th. Each badge not only gives you access to all four days of the convention, but some also have a bunch of extras, like free VTT subscriptions and other shinies from their sponsors. Get your virtual badges from this page!

Speaking of sponsors, we’re one of them this year! It’s our first time at Gary Con and we’re so excited to be involved! And we hope we’ll see you there too!

So why GaryCon?

It’s an annual convention started by Luke Gygax after his father’s death. At first, it was just a private meeting to remember Gary Gygax. But then they thought, what better way to remember him than celebrating a convention around the game he created?

And that’s how every year, relatives, friends, and fans of Gary Gygax and his works come together to celebrate him. It’s a four-day convention full of games, panels, and fun! It usually takes place in Wisconsin, but this year it will be a completely virtual convention —and you know what that means, right? You can take part no matter where you live! And this year we’re proud to sponsor them —we’ll also be in some panels. So, if you like RPG worldbuilding (and playing!), this is a perfect opportunity to learn from experienced worldbuilders and roleplayers!

So, head to GaryCon’s website and register for the event now!