Happy Halloween everyone! Did you go out to be with the roaming spooks or stay in and chilled? If you celebrate this holiday, I hope you had a fun and safe one! Here we have some tricks (good ones) and treats for you all! Dimitris and Ademal continue to stoke the developmental fires with performance improvements to the website, new features related to Categories, and updates to Calendars! I present to you the development update rollup for end-of-October!

Categories as books

Present categories in a fresh new way as books anywhere in your articles! Use [book:CATEGORY_ID] to display a book like link, like on your worlds homepage in your articles. Imagine your world’s own visual library with this sweet feature!

customize category pages

For a while, category pages have been simplistic with a title, description, and list of articles within. Overtime, the community asked for better and more flexible category pages where they can create their own. The time has come to grant such power! With the new Drag & Drop sections AND 5 fully customizable BBCode activated sections, put WHATEVER and WHEREVER your heart desires!

Article CSS

Calendars BETA Release 0.6.4

Calendars has been continuously getting some TLC with introducing new features and dispelling spooky bugs. Phases have been completed and Ademal will be focusing on holidays next! 

We value your feedback

Remember to check out the Codex Guide to Calendars for more information and feel free to leave feedback directly to our developers here! You can even check out their backlog! Huge shoutout to Ademal for providing all the screenshots you are about to see in this WALL of mighty-timey-organizey goodness! 

Calendar Celestial Bodies

show date clicked

When you open a day on the calendar, it will also display the day.

Phase aliases

When editing celestial objects, you may now override the default names for the phases of celestial objects during different phases of their cycle.

Calendar Default Render Year

Celestial phases footer visual

Events now show the Celestial Phases of relevant objects in the footer of the popup when opening a day.

Non-Cycle Objects Rendered Full

Objects with no cycle now render without phases, and so appear as “full”.

Calendar Compact Interface

Celestial Bodies CSS

Celestial Bodies each have their own unique classes for name and current phase applied to them on the calendar. Go crazy with your selectors if you would like!

heroes enhancements

While editing equipment in your character’s profile, the form will automatically calculate total weight!
The Scrapbook is also now available to all Heroes in or OUT of session.

bbcode url wa Tag

Choose to either open a new page or tab for your URL WA tags using the BBcode syntax below! 

[url:URL_HERE]TITLE_HERE[/url] < This opens on a new page
[url:URL_HERE|tab]TITLE_HERE[/url] < This opens in a new tab

Note: The new one is using : not =

check out their latest tutorial!

Are you a curious Dungeon Master looking to see how World Anvil can enhance your campaign? Watch Dimitris and Janet’s latest Twitch broadcast as they walk you through how you may want to utilize World Anvil for your game!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News at the middle of the month for another rollup of updates for November! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for mid-October to catch up on any news you may have missed!