May’s here! This is a calmer month as we get ready for Summer Camp—but we still have some fun events ready for you, as well as new features our devs have been working on! Here’s everything to know about what going on in World Anvil this month.

Dev updates this month

🎨 Interface update

We’ve updated the editing interface with a bunch of changes to make your worldbuilding easier! This includes:

  • A brand-new to-do list module (that you can pin in the corner)
  • New notification system
  • Faster search system
  • Lists (like maps and timelines) now open on the same page without a reload, so you can copy statblocks, maps, and more into your articles without leaving the editor!

And much more! Check the update blog for details.

🗓️ Calendars are now accessible by the full Guild!

The Calendar feature has trickled down from Masters to the full Guild. Check the guide to calendars for more information.

🌳 BBCode in Content Trees

Content Trees rendered in list mode will now support BBCode in the description. You can use this feature to represent hierarchies, organigrams, evolutionary trees, and similar kinds of structured information. Check the Learn guide to learn more!

🤖 Android support for Manuscripts

For the madlads that actually write novels on your phone, you can now do so on Android!

🎲 New character sheets

Thanks to the amazing Tillerz, these new RPG systems now have character sheets on World Anvil:

Check out the Changelog page on World Anvil for the full changelog.

Upcoming events in April

🗓️ Play May and Worldbuilding Awards Ceremony

Stand by for our May events! They will all happen on the community day, on the 18th. Follow us on Twitch to know exactly when we go live!

  • 🏆 Worldbuilding Awards Ceremony: the Awards Ceremony will take place on May 18th on Twitch—tune in to learn who won at 7pm UK/11am Pacific! Click here for more information.
  • 🎲 Play May Day: Play May Day will also be on the 18th. Join us on stream as we play a couple of community adventures at 2pm UK/6am Pacific.
  • 🎓 Sage Seminar: How to write your first short story (5pm UK/9am Pacific): E. Christopher Clark, author & fellow Anvilite, will tell us about how to write short stories!

May event schedule

Community Highlight

🌟 Community highlight

This month, we’re featuring a song! Created by Notahumanhand, Lezai so Nos is an in-world song written in a conlang. The best part? It actually has a melody and a recording! Check out Lezai so Nos.

Screenshot of Lezai so Nos by Notahumanhand

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