If you missed it

The World Anvil Anthology presented by Kyanite Publishing was a multi-month challenge, where we wanted to see the communities best speculative fiction novelettes. Be it science fiction, fantasy, alternative history, as long as it was pure fiction and created by fantastic anvilites.

What is at stake?

At the end of the competition, ten entries are going to find a home in the coveted World Anvil Anthology, published by Kyanite Publishing. One lucky grand prize winner will snag a World Anvil and Kyanite exclusive book deal!

Who is Kyanite?

Founded in 2018, Kyanite Publishing is a growing publisher with several novels under its belt and plenty of love for Speculative Fiction. B.K Bass, the Acquisitions Director for Kyanite, has been a fantastic Anvilite since the early days of World Anvil and sees the inspiring stories that the community provides on a daily basis. Kyanite Publishing is excited to work with other Anvilites on getting those stories out to the world!

If you want to read more about the amazing folks at Kyanite Publishing, you can check out their website with some of their latest books!

Just a few Kyanite books

Shortlist for the Kyanite Anthology Challenge!

These people have all put in amazing work, and every bit of feedback they can get will be absolutely valuable! Make sure to go give them a read and a like!

Likes received | Title | Author

What Happens Now?

Now the work comes down to World Anvil and Kyanite. It’s going to be a long haul, so please enjoy the ride! For the next month or so, Janet and Dimitris will be reading through these amazing entries and picking twenty of them to be sent to Kyanite Publishing. 

We will be keeping all of you in the loop as these entries travel to the final ten who will be published! If you aren’t in the shortlist, don’t feel bad! There were so many amazing entrants and I’ve seen so much improvement and community love! You all did fantastic!

What shall I do next?

If you are looking for something to do while you are passing them time, there is always the community challenges and Inktober going on right now!

Otherwise, check out Kyanite Press for more amazingness or go Worldbuild RIGHT NOW on World Anvil.