With the end of WorldEmber comes the time to celebrate your amazing worldbuilding and creativity! We want to hear your thoughts on this year’s challenge and we also want to see your favorite WorldEmber articles! The WorldEmber 2021 Awards Ceremony will be on February 5th at 11am Pacific/7pm UK time, so make sure to save the date!

Vote for your favorites and send your feedback!

What’s the WorldEmber 2021 Awards Ceremony?

WorldEmber 2021 badge

Completion badge for WorldEmber 2021!

WorldEmber is the largest worldbuilding challenge of the year: we challenge you to write at least ten thousand words of worldbuilding during December! And, like every year, we’ve been STUNNED by your amazing creativity—which is why want to celebrate it with you! The Ceremony will be on:

5th of February 2021
11am Pacific – 2pm Eastern – 7pm UK

So make sure to save the date! During the stream, we’ll raffle HUNDREDS of dollars worth of prizes from our sponsors: GACUCon, Eldritch Foundry, and Kobold Press. On top of that, we’ll announce the community-voted winners (that’s you!), run our traditional Beautiful People event (that’s also you!), and play the Voice of the People videos you can send us. We can’t wait to hear your feedback to make WorldEmber even more amazing next year!

Community winners: vote your favorites for the WorldEmber 2021 Awards!

WorldEmber is a completion challenge, meaning that anyone who gets to 10k words is a winner. But are always so impressed with your worldbuilding that we like to give an extra (and very shiny) badges to the best worldbuilding of the month! There are three categories:

  • Community’s favorite article: this is an article the community will vote from among the top 10 most liked articles.
  • Community’s favorite body of work: similar to the above, but this time it’s a worldbuilder who’s been consistently writing top-quality worldbuilding.
  • Human of the match: this one’s all about being a good bean in the community! Given at World Anvil’s discretion, but we’d love your thoughts too.

Vote for your favorite WorldEmber worldbuilders!

Voice of the People: make your voice heard!

We wouldn’t be able to run this event without you—which is why we want to hear your thoughts about it so we can improve next year! Record a short video introducing yourself and answering these questions:

  1. What’s your favorite thing about WorldEmber?
  2. What do you want to see different in the next WorldEmber?
  3. Any other messages you want to tell us?

Make sure the video doesn’t have background music or extra assets—we’ll edit the videos for the stream. Everyone who sends in a video will get a shiny profile badge to show off their contribution!

If you’re not comfortable with appearing on stream, we still want to hear your feedback! The form has feedback questions in text form to make sure as many people as possible can answer it.

Send in your feedback and Voice of the People videos!

You’re Beautiful!

Beautiful People is an event we run in our big streams of the year to celebrate your beautiful faces! If you want to take part (and win another very shiny badge) be on the lookout on our Discord server for the #beautiful-people channel, which we’ll open a couple of days before the Ceremony. This year’s theme is “In a Galaxy Far, Far Away“, so get your costumes ready—can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Remember to save the date for the Awards Ceremony! And make sure to fill in the feedback and voting form if you haven’t already!

5th of February 2021
11am Pacific – 2pm Eastern – 7pm UK

WorldEmber 2021 sponsors

WorldEmber 2021 is proudly sponsored by Eldritch Foundry, GACUCon, and Kobold Press.

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