Hey worldbuilders! How has December been treating you? It’s whizzing by for me. So I figured I should sit down and share a tip or two before the month goes POOF. These will be super quick and easy to implement, because we know you’re dealing with holidays and World Ember too!

I’m declaring it “Text Mods Month”. So we’ll  introduce you to a few ways to pretty up your letters.


What we’ll cover:


Sections of text with big red letters – Grandmaster +

How to emphasize random letters of a string of text with a big red letter came up in the help channel. This is a nice alternative to the [dc] Drop Cap tag, that does only 1 letter and shoves it to the left. It’s an easy beginner level text tweak.

Big red letters examples

Here’s how we did it.


.BigLetter {
font-size: 2em; /* makes the text size twice as big as a regularly sized 'M' character */
color: red; /* the color we want the text */
font-weight: bold; /* bold it to really make it stand out */


The WA code

[section:BigLetter]Some text you want to have in big red letters.[/section]

We use the [section] WA code for the effect to stay in the line with the rest of the text.



How will you use this tip to change your text?  Will you use it for a holiday themed article? To highlight an important aspect in your page? Play with it, because in the future (next year), we’ll utilize this code for a fun trick to reveal secrets to your readers.


From the Codex: How to highlight text – Grandmaster +

There’s a nice variation on this to make highlighted text in the codex, so I’ll point you there.

Codex Sections - highlight text



Tip: Secrets for quick links to statblocks – Journeyman +


I’m all for ease and quickness when making changes to my blocks that are scattered through out my world. And as I’ve confessed before, I work hard to be lazy. One of my favorite ways to speed block changes up is with a secret embedded on my world homepage with the links to the blocks I use most often. Create the secret with the links, embed the WA code for it in your page and wa-lah! Here’s how I use mine.


Secret on main page with links to statblocks I edit often

Updates block

I like to let my readers know what’s new in my world and do this with an updates block (left image). So when I want to add an update I have a handy link on my world’s front page and can hop directly there (right image).

Note: Sages and up have access to subscriber groups. (like in the right hand image with the blue box called Author Only). But any guild member can create secrets and put the WA code for it in their world. Read more on secrets in the Codex.

Coming Soon

Up next is a trick to fix the line spacing of the [small] WA code tag.


Make Your World Look Awesome!

Let us know how you use these ideas. We’d love to see your creations posted in the WA Discord #guild-showcase.

Until next time, my fellow smiths. Go light up the forge!