Navigating a complex world can be challenging for many readers or players. So, how can you make it easier for them? Well, there are several ways, and using global sections is the easiest one!

What are global sections?

Global sections are a World Anvil feature that lets you display a specific block of content in all articles —there are currently six different global sections that you can use in your world! To set them up, simply go to your world configuration, click the “Display” tab, and then the “Global content” tab. Since they will appear on all articles, they’re a great way to make world navigation easier. So let’s take a look at some examples of how you can use them!

Using global sections for faster category navigation

With the new [breadcrumb] BBCode tag, making your world’s structure clear is easier than ever! Just put it in the Global article introduction block and it will generate a horizontal navigation bar on every single article, like this:

Dimitris used breadcrumbs to make navigation between the different categories way easier! Check out Lyra!

When you click the category, you’ll be able to see its contents without leaving this page —make sure to have a solid category structure so your readers keep browsing your world!

Using the automatic table of contents

Sometimes it’s difficult for your readers to navigate through an article —especially if it’s a long one. Well, there’s an easy way to fix that! The [toc] BBCode tag will automatically generate a table of contents for that article. Put it in a global content section, and you’ll never have to worry about that again!

Ethnis is using global sections for article navigation

That’s a very fancy article navigation box! Check out Ethnis!

You could be like the Ethnis folks and create a fancy collapsible box that scrolls down with the reader, but you don’t need to! Just add the [toc] tag in one of the global sidebar sections, and you’re all set!

Create a navigation bar for your external links

Now, this is a bit more advanced and you’ll need some CSS knowledge, but it’s really useful too! You can use any global section as a navigation bar that appears at the top of any page —perfect to display your social media links!

Timepool is using global sections in Qet for a top navigation bar

It looks so pretty too! Check out Qet!

Instead of social media, you can use it for other things too: a search bar, your other worlds, your main world sections, and more! If CSS feels a bit too intimidating, come over to our Discord server —we have a CSS-specific help channel!

How are YOU using the global sections? If you haven’t used them yet, make sure to create a World Anvil account —you’ll need a Master subscription to unlock this feature!