How to Be a Great Game Master has released another video for their World Anvil Series!

Today’s worldbuilding inspiration from Guy covers the very broad Item template! Rather than going into a specific section within the template, Guy shares his strategy for answering the question “How do I begin answering these prompts?”.

The Item Equation

Need a place to start? How about using good reliable math to create an item!

Function + Intention = Form

Function answers the question “What does the item do?”. For example, I may have a hammer and its primary function is to deliver a blow to something else. Intention would be the core of the item, determining what type of hammer it is. With function and intention combined, this will influence how the hammer ultimately looks or its form. Many prompts from the Item template are driven by the intention, so it is recommended to focus on this part of the equation.

Ultimate Mjolnir

A weapon that can hit things really hard + destroy my enemies by crushing them or splitting them apart = a large weapon with the head of a sledgehammer on one side and an axe on the other!

For highlighting the flavor World Anvil can bring in roleplaying purposes, Guy also suggests the price section to be a useful tool for players to understand the item’s value. Watch his inspirational video below and learn more!

Image Credit of Mjolnir Ultimate by William Oliveira