Worldbuilding meta is SO important! Whether you’re using the Agile Worldbuilding Method (book coming soon!), or just answering fundamental questions about your world, Worldbuilding Meta is the BEST way to keep your project on track. For the first Worldbudilding Summer camp 2020 Preparation Challenge, we’re going META!

How do I take part?

There are different methods of nailing down the meta – the fundamental truths and decisions behind your worldbuilding, and Meta means different things to different people. For this assignment, you can follow the Agile Worldbuilding Method we laid out during CoWCon (Day 1 and Day 2 videos here). You can answer the fundamental questions laid out in THIS video. You can use the Collaborative Worldbuilding meta for inspiration. Or you can check out the VOD of our stream of Sunday 7th June 2020, where we expand in more detail on this! Just do what works best for you!

  1. Create a meta article for your world (we suggest you use the generic article template)
  2. Drop the URL in the comments of this blog post!

There are no prizes and no judging on this one – it’s just a super chill assignment to help you get yourself and your world ready for Worldbuilding Summer Camp! We’ll be showing off our favourite LIVE on the second Worldbuilding Summer Camp Preparation stream, on Sunday 14th at 7pm UK / 11am Pacific time, on our Twitch and Youtube channels!