This week, you still have time to join our Adventure April Challenge with some of the best prizes we’ve ever given away! For that reason, we have Trash My (Battle)maps with Dimitris and Caeora, Upcoming Events, Community Live Streams with Worldbuilding Advice Stages to help you specifically with the challenge.

Summer Camp 2022 Meet-Ups and Live Pic-nics

Do you live in or close by to Copenhagen, Denmark? London, UK? How about New York City, Miami, or Washington DC in the US? For this Summer Camp 2022, Dimitris and Janet are coming to meet their amazing community! Join us by grabbing your Summer Camp 2022 ticket by clicking on your location. You can also find out more by going to our “Summer Camp Meet Ups for 2022″ blog post! (Tickets are free but limited!)

Join educational Live Events this week

Get involved in the World Anvil Community this week (18th April – 24th April) for one-shot advice for our upcoming challenge, live community support, and inspirational worldbuilding tips.

3rd Week of April's Calendar of Community Events

Using your World’s Meta to Create One-Shots (Discord Community Stage)

One-shots are a great way to dive in immediately to the most exciting portions of an adventure, but what if you already had everything you needed to make one? This Thursday, Tune in to the World Anvil Discord Stage to see how your fellow community members can use their World’s Meta to inspire them!

  • Topic: Using your World’s Meta to Create One-Shots
  • When: Thursday 21th April at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Discord (World Anvil Radio)

Learn to Build Better Battlemaps for your Oneshot! (Trash my Map Livestream)

Learn to create awesome battlemaps with the experts! On Trash My Map, you can submit your maps for review by professional cartographers, get your map questions answered, and pick up some great tips and tricks too. Oh, and if you love free goodies, there’ll be a livestream raffle too!

  • Topic: Trash my (Battle)Maps with Caeora
  • When: Friday 22th April at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

New Features Revealed and Live Support (Community Livestream)

This Saturday is our Community Livestream. We will have minor development updates plus your World Anvil questions answered. Yes, you can tune in to Ask us Anything, learn what’s happening, and take part in the livestream raffles, too!

  • Topic: Interview Livestream
  • When: Saturday 23th April at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

Your Bookshelf is your Next Adventure! (Community Livestream)

For this Adventure April challenge, we’re taking inspiration from our bookshelf’s books, games, and movies! So, what have you used to inspire your stories or campaigns? Check out our discussion on our Question of the Week channel on the World Anvil Discord. Tune in to find out how you can use your bookshelf to inspire you this Sunday on the World Anvil Twitch Channel.

  • Topic: Your Bookshelf is your Next Adventure
  • When: Sunday 24th April at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

Look Ahead for Educational Live Events next week

Want to know what we’re doing next week (25th April – 1st May)? Read on to find out how you can get involved in these community events.

4th Week of April's Calendar of Community Events

Get involved with World Anvil’s Community Challenges

As always, challenges are an amazing way to motivate yourself, and a great reason to share your worldbuilding with the community and the wider world.

Community Spotlight

Finally, time for our favorite thing! Let’s shout out some amazing members of our community and give away amazing goodies.

Anvilite Publication Showcase

During our latest stream, we showed off some of the wonderful books our Anvilites have published! The AWESOME A Few Good Elves (Toy Soldiers Saga #1) is by our lovely Sable Aradia. The book is a military fantasy space opera set in an expansive universe which you can dive into here. There’s also “Surviving Idyll”  is a deadly, fun Choose Your own Adventure zine trilogy created by our amazing BasicDragon. The Kickstarter is already over for the third and final zine in the trilogy, but you can watch for updates right here on their Kickstarter page.

Both are thrilling and wonderful adventures that you should definitely read and try out! Who knows, it might spark new ideas for your own writing. Speaking of adventure and ideas, check out the Adventure April Challenge if you haven’t already – even participating gets you access to outstanding prizes!

Tavern Challenge Winners

We have two incredible winner and their articles which I cannot recommend checking out enough!

From the Standard League, we have Barbarossa Sparklebeard’s Black-Haired Dog. It boasts a completely detailed history which gives the location such a sense of adventure and character! The Black-Haired Dog is a place where true adventure could start with many folk from all walks of life gathering here. Incredible work!

And From the Premier League, RPGDinosaurBob’s The Almost Home Tavern takes the gold! It is such a fantastic, homely tavern that could be right at home in any pastoral fantasy setting. It has a cozy atmosphere, detailed NPCs, and a fantastic menu. Well done!


That’s all for this week, lovely beans! See you next week for the recap, and until then – grab your hammer, and go worldbuild!

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