We’re putting a pin in our Summer Camp for another year. We recently enjoyed 31 Prompts across the month of July to help inspire you all to worldbuild. However, the fun isn’t over!

Throughout the month of August, we want to ramp up the inspiration. “If you want to be a writer, first you must become a reader” is a quote you’re likely all too familiar with. Luckily for you, there’s a website with over a million users, many of whom are writing and building their own worlds, that you are a part of!

Our August Reading Challenge is designed for you to explore and discover other worlds spread across the World Anvil universe. This’ll help with motivation, inspiration, and also get you acquainted with other like minded users that you might want to reach out to and collaborate with!

Is There a Reward?

Other than a wealth of inspiration; a new found motivation for your world; and expanding your intellect by absorbing a variety of other writing styles? Well actually, there is more. A badge!

If you’ve never earned a World Anvil badge before, you’re probably grimacing at this paragraph. I assure you, collecting World Anvil badges is extremely addictive! Not only that, but it helps legitimize your work to other users.

But mostly importantly, just look how cute this guy is!

How To Take Part in the Reading Challenge

So, we’ve done it. Drawn you in with the allure of a badge with an owl on it, and now you’d like to take part in the reading challenge. We knew you would. Well, luckily for you – the reading challenge is simple!

With a total of 31 prompts published over the course of July, you only need to decide on 3 for the subject of your reading challenge. Select the 3 prompts that interest you the most, then find 3 articles for each of these prompts (for a total of 9) to reflect on.

Read through the articles, and don’t forget to drop a like and leave a comment about what you enjoyed! If the article entices you read more, you can even follow the world to keep updated whenever they publish new articles!

Once you’ve selected and read through the 9 articles, the next step is to write an introspective. Take a generic article template, and write about what you’ve learned. End the article with some set goals for the next 6 months, so you have something to aim towards!

Once the introspective is complete, post it in the comments here and the badge is yours!

I Didn’t Participate in Summer Camp, Can I Still Enter?

Absolutely! Whether you didn’t have time or didn’t have the inspiration to take part in Summer Camp this year, the Reading Challenge may help you strive for greatness next year!

That’s all you need to know about our August Reading Challenge! Off you go, greatness (and a badge) awaits!