World Anvil is a huge place, and we have a large community spread across a variety of platforms. We understand that it can be daunting at times, so we wanted to take this opportunity to break down our encyclopedic sized community and introduce you to our Chapters! (See what we did there?)

Chapters are community lead groups within World Anvil. Each Chapter has a focus on different topics, their own communities, and their own space within the World Anvil community to chat, hang out and collaborate! A Chapter’s main home is often the World Anvil Discord server, and it’s the best place to get started if you’re looking to join a Chapter.

Why Should I Join a Chapter?

The most important question. If you’re reading this section, you probably already have an interest in learning more – and that’s great, because our Chapters have a lot to offer you as a creative. 

Chapters offer you a comfort space for you to discuss and share Worldbuilding. We know that our Discord community can be daunting at times, so having a smaller, closer knit community can often help those first steps in engaging yourself with the overall World Anvil community.

Being part of a Chapter will also allow you and other members to collaborate, brainstorm and assist each other in your worldbuilding and achieving the goals you’re looking to reach. Having a focused space filled with like-minded people will always help your productivity (if you enjoy working like that) and having other people that can keep you engaged and hold you accountable for reaching those goals will only further push you to reach them!

And finally, Chapters get a dedicated page on World Anvil, giving you another space to share your world! 

How do I Join a Chapter?

Joining a Chapter is the easiest part – you just have to ask! Head over to our Discord server, and take a look at the section under Chapters. There you can find #info-chapters, which will give you all the information you need (and more), as well as the #chapter-hall. These are the two most important channels, as they’ll allow you to learn more, and finally choose which Chapter you’d like to join.

Once you’ve found a Chapter you like, the next step is to apply. Simply send a message to the leader of the Chapter expressing your interest. However, some Chapters may have their own process for application and you may have to complete a little more once you’ve reached out. The final decision of whether or not you’re able to join the Chapter is ultimately up to the leader of that Chapter.

Do not harass Leaders if you are denied, but if you feel the reasoning was unjust please notify a Moderator.

Can I Start My Own Chapter?

Absolutely! Perhaps the current Chapters aren’t to your liking, or you see a gap in them that you have the perfect opportunity to fill.

A Chapter forms when 10+ users approach the Moderation Team with a:

  • Designated Leader. (Leaders must be of Master Guild Rank and above)
  • List of Discord names of all members.
    • …and their World Anvil usernames
  • List of any House Rules you’d like to add.

Okay, I’m Interested – but I’m still a Little Confused…

If that’s what you’re asking yourself right now, fear not! If you’ve not visited the World Anvil Codex yet, it has a wealth of information for a variety of different aspects of World Anvil. But whilst we’re on the topic, all the information you could ever need regarding Chapters can be found there!

“I don’t like Discord, is that my Only Option for Joining Chapters?”

World Anvil is growing, we’re reaching new platforms and our communities are growing all over the corners of the internet. It would be ridiculous if our Chapters didn’t grow with them.

Whilst we leave the core concept of Chapters the same, we’re looking to expand and evolve their functionalities, as well as where and how you can engage with them as a World Anvil user.

What would you like to see Chapters become? Leave your thoughts in the comments!