Another World,
Another time,
In the age of Resistance

River Horse are proud to announce the release of their brand new Adventure book – Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Adventure Game. We have partnered with River Horse to provide you with interactive resources and materials for you to explore the The Dark Crystal world of Thra.

World Anvil CEO and Co-Founder Janet Forbes even had her own hand in shaping the World of Thra, being the lead writer for the book. So I asked her – What was your favorite part about writing for it?

Definitely the creative latitude I was given! I got to delve into the world of Thra through every media: comics, movies, world books, series, and even the computer game, and then integrate all my favourite things… but I also got to introduce new things for players and GMs to explore as well, and that was incredible! The feeling of getting to add to such an epic, monumental IP was really extraordinary. And – * spoiler alert * – I added dinosaurs… and perhaps a few other crazy things as well. You’ll have to play the game to find them, though!

Explore the World of Thra

Dark Horse’s World of Thra, hosted on World Anvil, contains supplementary information to be paired with The Dark Crystal Adventure Game. You can explore the interactive map, read up on tips and tricks for running and playing the game, and learn how to create your characters for exploring the world.

The Interactive Map of Thra

World Anvil’s Interactive Map feature allows you to explore the major regions of Thra, broken down further into the major locations and adjacent regions. Click through on the map markers to view each region, then further view the articles of each area.

Use the information provided to help flesh out Thra in the games that you run within the world, or familiarize yourself with them as a player to help with immersion. View the full interactive map here.

Tips for Running and Playing the Game

River Horse has provided some tips and tricks for both Players and GMs on how to run and enjoy the game, as well as making the game run smoothly for everyone.

For Players:

So you have a character and you’ve read the rules. Now it’s time to start playing! The GM will be running your adventures, telling you what you see and the outcomes of your actions. When on your adventure it helps to remember these tips and you’ll be fine!

For GMs:

The rules in the book show general case ways of dealing with most situations, but in the adventure there will be a lot of situations that break these rules. Whenever there is a rules conflict between the general rules and an adventure scene or a character trait, go by the rules of the adventure scene or character trait.

Check out the full list of Tips and Tricks here.

Creating a Character

To adventure in the world of Thra you will need a brave adventurer! Luckily for you – River Horse has also provided information on how you can create your own adventurer that will traverse the dangerous obstacles that Thra (and your GM) will throw at you.

The guide on World Anvil will introduce you to the varying clans that populate Thra, as well as the skills, flaws and summons that your character will have access to.

On top of the guide for creating your character, the full Dark Crystal Adventure Game Character Sheet is available on World Anvil for you to create and host your characters on, meaning that when game night comes – they’re only a couple of clicks away!

If you’ve yet to create a character on World Anvil, check out everything our interactive character sheets can do!

Running The Dark Crystal Adventure as a GM

If you’re a GM and you’d like to run The Dark Crystal Adventure for your players, all you need to do is get your hands on Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Adventure Game available here, and everything is ready to go! Remember that you can use World Anvil’s built in Dark Crystal character sheet to host your NPCs and enemies online and keep them all in one place.

Then, using the Digital Storyteller’s Screen, you can run the game for your players – alongside using the resources provided by River Horse to further improve the experience!

Will you help protect Thra, so she can rise once more from the ashes?