Dimitris has been hard at work to make the player experience better, so let me tell you about these new RPG player features! With them, you’ll be able to track everything going on in your game!

What are the new RPG player features?

The goal of this update is to make tracking all the information about the campaign and your party much easier! How, you ask? Well, it’s all about these three features:

  • Party page: manage all of your common resources, quests, and more from a single page.
  • Floating character menu with memories: view your character info from any page and record memories to never forget a thing about the game!
  • Quests: keep track of what you and the party is up to at all times.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

Party page: keep everyone on check!

new party page design

It’s like a character profile for the whole group! So many options!

When logged in with your character active, you’ll see the name of your party in the left sidebar. There’s a bunch of new options in there for you to play with!

  • Party introduction: write a summary of who’s in your party and what you do.
  • Commonly used statblocks! What was the AC of the horse again? Well, now you can attach statblocks to the party page to always have the answer at your fingertips!
  • Manage your party equipment: you could already do that, but now you can do it between sessions too. Great for planning between sessions!
  • Party stream: see everything posted by your party members, both in and out of session, in a single place. It’s great for roleplaying during out-of-session downtime!

It’s like a control panel for everything your party needs!

Memories and floating character menu

the floating menu is one of the new RPG player features

Never forget a thing again!

From now on, whenever you’re viewing an article in your campaign world as a player, you’ll see a little floating box with useful links for your character. But best of all, it’s got an extremely useful button to add memories too! When you add a memory while viewing an article, it will appear on top of it —but only to your eyes! This way you can easily remember the relevant parts of an article at a glance. And there’s also a Memories page so you can see all of your memories in a single place.

And the Memories box is collapsible! You’ll see a little red arrow —click it to collapse and uncollapse it. This way it won’t take up your screen space if you’re just browsing out of game!

Quests: know what you’re doing!

new quest page feature

Track all your quests from a single page!

From the Quests page you can add, edit, and complete quests, as well as write all the details you need to complete them! As you can see in the screenshot, you can write longer descriptions with all tasks you need to complete during the quest! And you can also specify if a quest is personal to your character or if it’s for the whole party. This will help you a ton with planning and managing your session and campaign goals!

Using World Anvil’s RPG player features

World Anvil has a bunch of RPG features for players that make playing much easier! Use Heroes to document your character’s journey and thoughts, create character sheets in a multitude of different RPG systems including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder character sheets, and Savage Worlds, and join campaigns —all within World Anvil! Create your free player account now and start playing!

How are you using World Anvil as a player? What’s your favorite feature, and are you missing any RPG player features? Let me know in the comments!