Hey, you! Yes, you —do you like charts? What about interactive things? Well, today we have some fancy interactive charts for you! Diplomacy webs are our brand-new feature that will help you see how different organizations relate to each other! This is useful to any worldbuilder, and if your world has a bunch of factions or guilds with complex intrigues, this will be a true lifesaver for you!

The information on this blog post might be outdated! Check the documentation for the most up-to-date information about this feature.

How diplomacy webs work

First of all, you’ll need at least two organizations in your world. Of course, it won’t be a real web if it’s just two of them. But let’s start simple, shall we? “Sure!”, I hear you say. Awesome!

So, you have Faction A and Faction B. Go edit the article about Faction A and click on the Diplomacy tab. Then, click the Add a Diplomatic relation button, and fill in the form! It’s not a long one, don’t worry:

how to create a diplomacy relation

Adding a new diplomatic relation is easy!

Make sure to choose Faction B as the other party! After you’ve filled in and saved the relation, copy the BBCode tag at the bottom of this page and copy it anywhere. And that’s it! This is how the web we created would look:

minimal diplomacy web

Yeah… it’s a pretty simple “web” for now, isn’t it?

Pretty boring, huh? Well, just keep adding diplomatic relations for each of your organizations! You’ll end up with a very complex but very shiny interactive web! And if you use tags for your organization articles, you can display a full web with relations between all tagged organizations! Just use the tag in the diplomacy code. For example, [diplomacy:#evil_factions] will generate a web with all organizations tagged with the #evil_factions tag. This is how a full diplomacy web could look like:

Full diplomacy web example

Now that’s a real web!

Diplomacy webs are a Guild feature —so make sure you have a membership of Master (or above) if you want to use them! For more details on how to use diplomacy webs, check out the Codex guide!

Tips to use them in your worlds

Worlds with lots of different factions are complex and can be difficult to understand for your readers or players. Visual content always helps, and diplomacy webs are no exception! And of course, it will also help you keep your worldbuilding more consistent.

If you have an introduction article to your world (and I recommend you create one if you haven’t!) you can add a web with all the relevant factions in there. This could be especially important if your world is for an RPG and your players can join these factions! Knowing who your friends and enemies are is always a good idea, right? And if your world is for a writing project, use the diplomacy web to give your readers an overview of your world’s structure!

So, how do you like this new feature? Are you using it? Show me your diplomacy webs in the comments! So excited to see what the community does with this!