The Expanse RPG Character Sheet

Greetings citizens of the belt! We, your UN corporate overlords salute you, and while on it impose some further water/air restrictions and …. have a brand new character sheet suite for you!

My love affair with the Expanse universe started almost 10 years ago when I have discovered the first book of the series Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey and when the Kickstarter for the RPIG by Green Ronin Games came along I was OVER Luna (sic).

If you are a science fiction lover you are probably quite aware of the TV series, which is a great work of art but I will have to advise that reading the books will add even more depth to this amazingly written world.

Somedays ago I talked with our amazing character-sheets-superstar Tillerz  and asked him to create the sheet since many people were now tagging their worlds as “The Expanse RPG” and only two days later … (damn this man is fast)



Both Character and Spaceship sheets are here! This means that you can run your campaigns in this amazing world and your players can have their characters with character sheets for them and their spaceships.

Both sheets are interactive with the ability to roll their stats and mobile-friendly so they can use them on a phone or a tablet if you are around the table. Even if your game master is not using World Anvil you can still use the Heroes system to create your character and record their exploits and journal their adventures for free (completely)

Check out the Interactive sheet example  Check out the spaceship sheet example