If you like Neon light, wet rainy dark streets, evil megacorporations, post-apocalyptic cities filled with investigators that they are “the law” or your characters are falling in love with cybernetic girls called “Chii” with robotic owls dreaming of electric sheep, go no further!



Cyberpunk 2020 is our newest theme created by TJ Trewin and as with all our thems, it is available to all guild members!

It’s filled with purple and bluish neon colours, punchy yellows and colourful shadows. Plus a quite retro approach to category-books for the homepage!

Next up we will be having quite a nice and clear Sci-Fi Theme …


What other kinds of theme you’d like to see? Comment below!


And if you’re a fan of cyberpunk, be sure to check out our Cyberpunk Red character sheet.