Greetings curious visitor! We reached the End-of-February 2021 development rollup update. Though the shortest month, per the Gregorian and Julian calendars, does not mean this month was short of new features and various enhancements. The gears, cogs and computational prowess does not stop! Let’s check out what the development team forged this past month!

Mutually Exclusive Self Assigned Subscriber Groups

Guild Memberships
Assign a tag into your Sub Groups in order to make sure that your subscribers can only choose one of these groups.

Example: Team Wolf or Team Vampire, not both!

Category & Article Icons

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Set an icon to your categories or articles to give them context. Use any of the or RPG Awesome icon sets to bring your work to life!

Feature Tricle Down – Expanded Stats

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Previously, this feature was exclusive to [Grandmaster+ Guild Members]. Now total articles, likes, comments, followers are available to ALL guild members!

The World Anvil Monthly Newsletter

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The World Anvil newsletter will be sent only once a month and only to active users of the platform at that time. It will inform you of:

  • New features and how to use them
  • Upcoming competitions
  • Upcoming Live Events
  • Recently produced Content (Video/Blog)
  • Winners of the Monthly Guild Raffles

If you wish to get the news and all important updates, as well as take part in the Guild Member monthly giveaways and offers, you can opt-in!

Global World Header

master+ Memberships

A new container that is visible on all pages of your world right on the top of each page. A perfect solution to create a custom header for your world!

Add anything you want here – Great place to create your world top menu

[/container] [/container]

Privacy Settings & Default subscriber groups

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Starting now, timelines, historical entries, marker groups, layers, markers, and maps of a private world will be, by default, set to private. If set to private (due to world privacy state or choice), these entities will be automatically be given the default subscriber group of that world.

Use default subgroups…they are good for your health and sanity.

Invite players into campaign by Email

Freeman+ Memberships
Send emails to your players to invite them into your campaigns! They will receive a nice email with clear instructions of what to do to join your campaign.

Campaign / Party auto creation

Freeman+ Memberships
Creating a new world with an RPG system assigned to it will automatically create a campaign and a party in that campaign.

Quick Edit and Bilateral Editor/Presentation Navigation

Freeman+ Memberships
A suite of features designed to enhance navigation between the presentation and editor layer of your world.

  • Article, category, map, timeline, event links from presentation now have a pencil button that when clicked moves you to the edit mode for that entity.
  • “Go to..” Link: Top left on your editor bar. This link will always get you to the last article you have visited while on presentation mode. This means you can click on a quick edit button edit an entity and then click the “Go to” button to navigate back to the presentation layer.
  • View world and view article buttons now by default open in the new page.
  • Quick edit bar allows you to enable/disable the quick edit features, edit your page, go to your world‘s dashboard or world settings.

Want to Report a Bug?

The Bug Tracking system moved from Jira to GitHub, allowing the team to have more visibility on the issues and prioritize them.

If you wish to report a bug you will need an account to GitHub!

Easy access to Pathfinder 1e and Pathfinder 2e character sheet creation from the Dashboard

Freeman+ Memberships

Pathfinder 2e Action icons support

Freeman+ Memberships
Use them on your sheets, articles, or toast!
[h2]Pathfinder action icons[/h2]

One action [pf:1a] [br]

Two actions [pf:2a] [br]

Three actions [pf:3a] [br]

Reaction [pf:ra] [br]

Free action [pf:fa] [br]

Passive action [pf:pa] [br]

WEBP file support

Freeman+ Memberships
You can now upload .webp files for your images and maps! These are faster, smaller, and as clean as jpg with the transparency of png.

Map / Block Embed Upgrades

Freeman+ Memberships
Map and Blocks embeds now include links to view the full version and edit it (if the owner). Also, map embeds include the title and description of the map.

Simplification of the Session Report process

Freeman+ Memberships
The Session report will no longer have its own edit interface. The interface is now merged with the edit article interface.

  • Move laterally between session <> report.
  • Ability to go from the article edit to the character profiles related.
  • There won’t be an “Expand for prompts” button since these prompts are always needed for reports.

Cyberpunk RED Support

Guild Memberships
Another new character sheet created by the amazing Tillerz for the Cyberpunk RED RPG! 

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • Inviting a character into a campaign with a single party will automatically add them to that party.
  • Advertisements are removed from all manuscripts for [Grandmaster+ Guild Members].
  • Tutorial/Initial articles no longer appear on the recent articles list on the Community panel.
  • Galleries now order images alphabetically by title and filename.
  • The CSS Styling sidebar is now fixed on position, mobile-friendly, and dark because…dark things are apparently cooler!
  • Quickly change the current date of your world.


Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent development-related Twitch broadcast! They cover the latest breakthroughs and answer the community’s most burning questions!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-February 2021. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-January 2021 to catch up on any news you may have missed!