Dimitris hammered out so many new worldbuilding tools for you all! From optimizing updates to your Discord servers, to more enhancements for maps, check out details for each item below.


Discord Webhooks

Do you have a Discord Server? Do you want the people on your server to get the good news when you update your articles? Well if you are Master or above now you can! You are now able to go to your World’s Configuration page and define a Webhook for your world (there is a guide if you dont know how to do it there, but we will be writing one as well). Every time you save a published article you can choose to also publish it to the Discord channel connected to your worlds webhook!

Map v.2.2 Features

Since Maps v.2.0 came out, there have been several newer features implemented shortly after.

  • You can set a Marker Group asVisible on Load” to customize what marker groups you want users to see on load by default.
  • Ability to Create Lines on your maps [Available to Master+]. Some examples you can use lines for are to build a treasure map, mark territory borders, or display a character’s travels!
  • Created a new helper for drawing Polygons and Lines. 

Watch the new Youtube guide for Maps below to get a more in depth look at how the latest features work!

Authoring Panel CSS

Make the display on your world extend into your Authoring panel for your Co-authors. Go to your World’s Configuration page to add to your Authoring Panel CSS:


Map Enhancements

  • The Links container on Map popups now only appear when a link is present.
  • Map Pins are available based on the Owners world and not your own membership type.
  • Redesigned ‘Full View’ to make it mobile friendly and easier to use.

  • Added a template file with instructions and files on the Pin Creation Studio to help you create your own pins


  • Added Article CSS tags as siblings to .user-css-extended.

  • Also added Article Category AND Article template CSS classes on .user-css-extended.


  • You can disable Competition Theming from the Authoring Panel. Simply go to your Interface Settings and click DISPLAY PROMOTIONAL THEMES.

  • A themes Global Cover is now overloaded by the Worlds Global cover.
  • You can now remove yourself from a co-author slot of a world using the Configuration page of the world. If the Worlds owner is no longer a guild member trying to edit the world will remove you from an co-author automatically.

  • Hammer menu now includes top level navigation links for easy access.

  • You can disable Advanced Select Dropdowns under Interface settings.

  • Added Danish/Dansk to the Languages list as a selection found under Account Settings.

Article Templates

  • You can now setSpoken byin Languages to connect your languages with Ethnicities.
  • You can now setPresent in Locationto connect Ethnicities with Locations.
  • Define which Organizations are contenders for ownership of a location (Geographic, Landmark or Settlement).
  • Specify RPG Alignment & to define in which pieces of Prose articles the character appears in within the Character template.

We hope these powerful worldbuilding tools bring your World Anvil experience to new heights! Do you see a feature or enhancement here you are interested or excited to use? Leave a comment and let us know!