Looking for new music for your DnD sessions, or just as a background for your worldbuilding? Well, thanks to our friends from Norse Foundry, there’s a whole album to inspire you at your disposal: World Anvil: Embers of Inspiration!

What’s World Anvil: Embers of Inspiration?

Embers of inspiration album cover

This cover is so mesmerizing!

Norse Foundry is an amazing RPG dice maker (and you should totally check them out!), but they also have a bunch of fantasy-inspired music albums. And this time, after sponsoring our Summer Camp challenge, they’ve been so kind to make their new music in collaboration with us! The album is about half an hour long and has a total of 12 tracks. And I love them! My favorite is Charming Discovery, the third track. It’s a relaxing piece full of wonder and inspiration… it just makes me want to get working on my world! And this whole music album makes you feel like you’re going on a grand wondrous journey of imagination and creativity —which you probably are if you are worldbuilding!

And you know what’s even better? The whole thing is also completely royalty-free! This means you can use it as background music on streams, games, or anywhere else for free! Although, if you do make a game with this music, we’ll be very excited to know about it!

Get the album now!

The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and many more! Chances are, if you’re using a streaming service other than these four, you’ll find it there. So go get it now to get some amazing music for your creative journey!

Also, make sure to follow Norse Foundry on Twitter! And if you have the inspiration but don’t know where to put your amazing worldbuilding, create a free World Anvil account today to get started with your project!