World Anvil is turning 5 this October, and to celebrate it we want to look back at our favorite moments of World Anvil! Not only that, but we also want to see what YOUR favorite moment was! Share your favorite moment by holding up a card, taking a selfie or video, and posting it on Twitter or Instagram using the #WA5Years hashtag.

What is the Favorite Moment Campaign?

We want to celebrate the community (that’s you!), all the friendships that have formed, and all the memorable moments that have happened since you joined! Have you made new friends on World Anvil? Found an RPG group or writing buddies? Has anyone ever told you how amazing your worldbuilding is? Well, write this favorite moment on a piece of paper. Then, take a vertical selfie or video of yourself holding up the card (which can be covering your face if you’re camera shy!). If you want to be extra fancy, you can write multiple cards and switch between them during the video!

Then, share it on Twitter or Instagram, using the #WA5Years hashtag and mentioning us (@WorldAnvil) so we can see it! We’ll feature them during the birthday stream on October 29th, and our favorite will get a World Anvil mug as a prize!

Examples from the Team

To give you some inspiration, here are some examples from the Community Team! First, we have Liana, our Agent of Order, reminiscing about how she discovered World Anvil and met Janet and Dimitris:

Ademal is the creator and director of Ethnis, one of the most well-known worlds on World Anvil. She’s been with us since the beginning and now keeps our Discord community safe and friendly by leading the mod team!

Barron is the other half of the Ethnis Duo (together with Ademal) and he was our Master of Games for three years, making sure that our community events went as smooth as possible!

And here’s my favorite moment! Thanks to World Anvil I made some amazing friends and found a stable RPG group with whom I still play regularly:

Share your own Favorite Moments!

So, just to recap, follow these steps to participate in the Favorite Moment event!

  1. Write your favorite moment on a sheet of paper (or multiple sheets!)
  2. Take a vertical selfie or video holding up the card. You can cover your face if you’re camera shy!
  3. Before October 22nd, post them on Twitter or Instagram using the #WA5Years and tagging us (@WorldAnvil) to make sure we see it.

On the 29th of October, tune in to our Twitch channel to learn if you’ve won a World Anvil mug! And even if you don’t win, we’ll still feature you together with the rest of the community!

So grab your camera (or screenshot app) and share your favorite moments on Twitter or Instagram now!

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