Do your hear the sound of hammers clanking against anvils? It’s our forges being lit in preparation for WorldEmber! This is our biggest challenge in the whole year, and we love to celebrate in style. That’s why we made some WorldEmber merch for y’all! Now you can look extra fancy while winning the challenge!

Where do I get the WorldEmber merch?

WorldEmber merch hoodie

Look at this amazing hoodie! Aren’t you feeling inspired just by looking at it?

We have a full collection of items with the WorldEmber 2020 logo. T-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts… My favorite is the notebook —perfect for all of your worldbuilding plans! Want to show off your anvilite pride in other ways? Well, we also have pin buttons, stickers, and tote bags to hold all of your worldbuilding awesomeness. Check out our shop’s WorldEmber collection to see the full line-up!

The logo is designed by our beloved TJ, and it looks sooo good! WorldEmber is really the hottest event of the year, and this design is so HYPE!

What’s WorldEmber anyway?

WorldEmber is the ultimate worldbuilding challenge! Starting on December 1st, you have a month to write at least 10,000 words of worldbuilding! It’s a great event to develop and expand your world and end the year with an achivement. So stay tuned to learn more about this year’s WorldEmber in the coming weeks!

How long will WorldEmber Merch be available?

We usually pull this from the store in early February after the awards ceremony has been completed, so you DO have time. But those cold winter days are closing in, so why not grab a cosy hoodie, or a mug for your hot drink to keep you warm!

What else can I get in the World Anvil Shop?

Of course, our store has many other designs you can get, too! We’ve got a fancy crest you can get on your t-shirts or other accessories, as well as this year’s Summer Camp merch (yes, you can still get it, just – although that’ll be pulled down soon too!). And, since the holidays are coming, you can also pick up a gift subscription for your friend or loved one – you know, the glorious worldbuilding, writing, or gaming nerd in your life! There are three different tiers of memberships available there!

Go check out our store and get your fancy merch!