During Adventure April, you all came together to create amazing RPG one shots, so now’s the time to play them! And to celebrate your incredible creativity, we’ve organized Play Day May, a series of virtual events for you!

What’s Play May Day?

Play May will happen on May 28th, and it’s a series of free virtual events the celebrate our community (that’s you!) and the one-shots created during Adventure April. There will be five streaming events:

Play May Day (28th May) Schedule

  • 9am ET/2pm UK: “Evocative Writing for RPGs”, a seminar with E. Christopher Clark
  • 10am ET/3pm UK: live one-shot, with Laurabones as the GM
  • 2pm ET/7pm UK: live interview with Lawrence Schick
  • 3pm ET/8pm UK: live one-shot, with Kitoypoy as the GM
  • 7pm ET/12am/UK: “Encounter Building”, a seminar with George Sanders

Both one-shots have been picked from the submissions to Adventure April, and they’ll be GMed by fellow anvilites! The Seminars will be interactive sessions where experts from our community will give tips and tricks (and answer your question) to improve your RPG writing skills. In the Evocative Writing seminar, Christopher Clark will talk about how to use your writing to appeal to your specific audience (such as your players!). And in the Encounter building seminar, we’ll go knee-deep into encounters to learn how to create the best scenes for your games. And in the middle of these events, we’ll interview Lawrence Schick, the loremaster of the Elder Scrolls games!

Twitch events will happen on our channel, so make sure you’re following us to get a notification!

How can you take part?

To take part in Play May Day, make sure you tune in to our Twitch channel! No need to bring anything except your beautiful face and positivity! You’ll be able to ask questions in the seminars (so make sure you can write down notes!), cheer for your fellow anvilites during games, and get tons and tons of inspiration for your future one shots!

So, save the date for May 28th and I’ll see you there!

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