We were thrilled to interview Sarah R. Painter in our Theme of the Month Stream in February! She gave us the low down on her release “The Night Raven” and also teased her new book the Lost Girls which is NOW OUT!

Sarah started her writing career as a freelance magazine journalist. Her debut book was the The Language of Spells, which climbed to the Kindle best selling list. Sarah followed it up with forays into a wide range of genres in her next few novels. Her latest is The Lost Girls.

The Lost Girls combines a mystery with supernatural elements in the atmospheric setting of Edinburgh. I love the dark and twisty feel of this supernatural thriller, which any fan of Neil Gaiman will love.

If that hasn’t sold you, check out the premise!

The Synopsis

Edinburgh student, Rose MacLeod, has been missing time for as long as she can remember. Days and weeks disappear, leaving terrifying gaps in her memory.

Now she is seeing horrifying visions; waking nightmares of violence and death. Around the world young women like her are being killed, and Rose has a ringside seat.

Mal Fergusson was raised to hunt demons in the cities and mountains of Scotland. With his father dead and his brother in a coma, he no longer believes in the grand battle between good and evil. Instead, he scrapes a living as an investigator and occasional hitman for the supernatural Mafia of Edinburgh and tells himself that as long as he doesn’t kill humans, he isn’t truly lost.

Supernatural tensions are rising in Scotland’s capital and Mal must capture Rose to keep his demonic boss sweet – but is he really willing to harm an innocent to do so?

However, there is much more to Rose than meets the eye…

You can find The Lost Girls on Sarah Painter’s website, or order it on Amazon. I’ve just added it to my own list to read, and can’t wait to get to the end of this atmospheric, supernatural mystery.

cover of the Lost Girls by Sarah Painter

In January, World Anvil’s own Janet sat down with Sarah on the Worldbuilding Theme of the Month Stream to discuss Families and Clans, and look at how Sarah uses these aspects in her book The Night Raven.

A inspirational soundtrack that fits the tone of the book, and an inspiration board – either physical or on a graphical program – are some of Sarah’s tips for how to get a book finished. You can check out more of her tips in the podcast below.