Have you ever wondered what a tomato with legs looks like? Me neither, but thanks to the amazing Stormbril I’ve seen the light and I feel the urge of sharing this newfound wisdom with you all. Introducing the Legmato, the juiciest World Anvil mascot!

Who is Bril the Legmato?

Bril was a regular tomato, going on his regular tomato life, until Stormbril gave him legs with his art magic! Now, you might be wondering, why would you give legs to a tomato without giving him arms too? Well, it all started in one of the community streams. Dimi and Janet were discussing unusual plants, and the fact that tomatoes have hair (it helps them trap insects, which enrich the soil – yup, tomatoes are CARNIVOROUS!)

Anyway, instead of saying “tomatoes have hair”, Janet accidentally said “tomatoes have legs”…. and Stormbril, with a speed worthy of myth and legend, drew the Legmato that is now known as Bril.

Bril the Legmato has found a new place in all of our hearts and even though he’s a bit shy (he’s always blushing!) he does enjoy some social life. Last Halloween he showed up with a friend, a walking pumpkin called Strollmpkin!

Legmato and Strollmpkin

Bril the Legmato on the left and the Strollmpkin on the right! They look cute together, don’t they?

There’s even a plushie!

Janet with the Legmato

Bril the Legmato sitting on Janet’s shoulder! He’s probably smiling, even if he doesn’t have a face.

After some time of being confined in a virtual 2D space, Bril the Legmato finally managed to come out of the screen into the real world. Thanks to Jasmine Bailey’s efforts, there are now Legmato plushies out in the world! Unfortunately, it looks like they’re now out of stock, but you can still check out her Etsy store and Discord server!

And just like that, the Legmato joins the ranks of the World Anvil mascots, together with the udan and World Anvil-chan!

Have you drawn your own version? Share it in the comments and we’ll feature you in this blog!

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