Hello, lovely people and welcome to the Community Stream Updates! We will be going through new feature developments, community news & events, and other Anvil News. We’ll also be going over some of the questions you―yes, you, lovely beans―ask during the stream. If you want more updates like this, consider following us on Twitter! Now, let’s jump into what’s going on in our community right now!


Here are some updates regarding our latest and ongoing challenges:

  • The Shipwright Challenge is over~, but you can click the link to read the wrap-up blogpost to learn who our winners are!
  • World Ember Challenge is over and voting is closed. You can look forward to the award ceremony happening February 5th 11am PT / 7pm UK. There you can take part in raffles, find our the ALL the winners of World Ember, and take part in out Beautiful People Challenge. Our costume theme is “in a galaxy far far away” – but this can be ANY galaxy far far away (not just the Star Wars galaxy). Fantasy, Sci-fi, make it as weird as you want; anything goes!
  • The Reading Challenge is ongoing! You can still participate and earn a classy owl badge until the challenge closes at the end of January.
  • Bard Challenge is currently underway, and the embedded link will redirect you to our blogpost for the challenge. We have some INCREDIBLE prizes and badges to be won, so definitely don’t miss this one! Check out the Bard Challenge inspirational blog post – it’s full of ideas to get yourself started creating your own unique bard character!

Community Questions

Below, you will find all of the paraphrased questions asked during stream. Categories include: General Help, Challenges & Events, Feature, and CSS questions.

General Help

Which discord channel is best to ask questions or make inquiries about, for example, short linking articles. Where would I get feedback first?

—Excellent question! Dimitris says that the #development-feedback

Challenges & Events

Where can I go to see the deadlines to challenges?

— Our challenges all include their deadlines within the rules section challenge page, be that in the Blog or in the challenge page hosted on World Anvil itself. We also announce our deadlines within twitch streams and our other social medias!

Do I need to write my article in English for challenges?

—Nope! What matters is if the judges are comfortable judging the material.

Can we still participate in the Voice of the People?

—Due to decreased community participation this year, we will unfortunately not be doing the Voice of the People for the foreseeable future. Instead, We plant to invest more time into features that interest our community, such as our Beautiful People!

Should we lock community challenge submission to the appropriate template? What happens if someone submits to a challenge in the wrong template?

—While we trust our community will read rules and reach out with any concerns regarding article submission, we will put measures in place to stop this from happening should it become necessary. For now, articles submitted this way do not disqualify, but the article will be removed. This way, the author can still submit with the appropriate article title.

Why was the 100k and 150k super target badges removed from World Ember?

— This was done for user protection to ensure that none of our participants were taking on more than they could handle and burning out. For now, we have maintained the 10K, 25K, and 50K writing challenge.


Will World Anvil ever offer ‘Eternal’ guild memberships again

—Only time will tell….

For interactive maps, is there a transparent overlapping layer feature, or plans for one in the future?

—You can definitely add layers to a map! You can view how to do so on our Codex. The layers will appear in the very top right of your map view, where you can switch between the layers. However, layers currently can’t be transparent/overlapping. This is a good suggestion, and we will have a think about this for Atlas.


Can we submit themes for WorldAnvil?

—Yes! DM Dimitris on Discord with the theme. He will vet it and offer suggestions should it be compatible with the website.

How do I make the info line under images only show the words and not a background color?

—You can fix this with a little bit of CSS and if you would need any help getting started, you can find help is the #css-help discord channel

Anvilite Spotlight

Time for our favorite thing! Let’s shout out some amazing members of our community! Today, we’re spotlighting BasicDragon, EccBooks, and Archivist LanverLais!

Basic Dragon: Kickstarter

There are a few days left to jump in on the fantastic BasicDragon’s kickstarter for Surviving Idyll: Quest 3. Surviving Idyll is a Choose Your Own Adventure zine trilogy, and this is the last installment of the series! If you happened to miss Quests 1-2, you are in luck! Make sure to check in the making backing tiers on BasicDragon’s the kickstarter for more info.

EccBooks’s: The Antogonist

Last time, we read an article on stream by the amazing EccBook called “The Antagonist” who submitted to our Shipwright Challenge. It’s an absolute marvel! From the map itself to its legacy of captains, EccBooks gives a detailed and classically dramatic look (with jokes to boot!) at the ship that eventually ends up under Peter Pan’s command. It is well worth the read, so please go check it out!

Stream Raffle!

The winner of our latest community stream’s raffle was Archivist LanverLais! They have won a mini from Eldritch Foundry (OOoo~). Congratulations! If you would like to participate in these community raffles as well, you are always welcome to join our Twitch Streams. By chance, if you aren’t able to make it, you can always participate in our challenges for a chance to earn prizes and/or community recognition!


A lot has been going on at World Anvil! We have a lot of life to update you on, and even some lore behind Dimitris’s ancient grudge with… The Pungeon (dun dun dunnnn)!

Janet is boosted

Janet has been boosted (while wearing her impossible boots)! Whoo! Congrats! Janet’s immune system has since absorbed the ultimate powers of the booster shot and is more powerful than ever before. Rumor has it, this is not even her final form!!

Cat was sick, is better

One of the lovely cats, Pumba, had recently become very ill, but is doing much better! Thanks to a veterinary friend, some literal cat-sitting, and medicine, Pumba the cat is back to normal. As thanks, Pumba bought Janet and Dimitris awful tasting wine.

World Anvil has Hired 5 People

The World Anvil Team has grown! What used to be volunteers. Janet, and Dimitris, is now a team of eleven members (not even including the mods!). Speaking as one of the newer members of the team, working here actually does make me excited to get up in the morning. I get to talk to all of you amazing and creative people, and be inspired by you being inspired by other people! GAH! HOW COOL!

Where is Dimitris’s accent from?

Dimitris is from Greece! He describes Greek as being his mother tongue and English being his father tongue?

Why Dimitris hates The Pungeon

And last but not least, why does Dimitris, allegedly, despise The Pungeon? As we all know, Janet is both the Queen of Bananas and the Regent of Puns (ie. should there be an absence of a pun, she delivers). After a day of listening to Janet’s (lovely) puns, he “caps out”, making the The Pungeon a humorous, albeit torturous, experience (though this community stream’s Pungeon was a riot!)

And That’s a Wrap!

World Anvil Stage

We will have a World Anvil Discord Stage on Thursday at 10:00AM PT / 6:00PM UK! We will discussing the newest and the flashiest of flash challenges in a question of the week format soon, and so much more! You can find us in the World Anvil Radio on Discord Under the Ongoing Events category.

Next Community Stream

Tune in Friday 28th January at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK for our next community stream! Expect development updates, Community news, RAFFLES and more, plus your questions answered by Dimitris and Janet.

Satine Phoenix & Jamison Stone talk BARDS!

As well, stay tuned in Saturday 29th January at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK for a LIVE interview with celebrity guests Satine Phoenix and Jamison Stone about ALL THINGS BARDS! We’ll be asking questions such as What is a bard? Like, what does bard mean? Not just in 5e, but in fiction in general?” – and YOUR questions too! Don’t miss these amazing experts!

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