Engage your fans and provide a unique selling point with World Anvil!

You’re here because you run or represent a large publishing house! Don’t know what World Anvil is? In a sentence, we’re an online tool for creating and presenting the world settings behind your releases. Check out this post here for a deeper explanation. You can find explanations of how to use Sage for every other kind of creator there, too!

Why should you care about Sage?

Whether your publishing traditional fiction, RPG content, serials, or anthologies, fan retention between instalments is critical. World Anvil offers a new way to engage with your following, and a unique selling point over the competition! It’s also the quickest way to get potential new readers hooked by reducing the learning curve of a new world setting.

No matter the size of your audience, World Anvil will be able to tailor a special package for you! We’ll provide you with the space, subscribers and co-author numbers to leverage the World Anvil features, create a unique selling point for your new releases, monetize the extra content of your authors, and get more eyes on your publications!

How can you use Sage?

An interactive public portfolio

Have a public, interactive portfolio of all the intellectual properties you represent. Show off the varied nature of your publishing portfolio, and let fans connect with the worldbuilding behind your releases in a whole new way! Reader comments allow your audience to like, ask questions and tell you their favourite parts, creating a more interactive experience. They can also follow to get updates!

Sage monetization portfolio art image
Show off all your worlds, genres, settings and ideas from one location… and get your fans engaged!

Expand your readership

Refer readers to similar projects which they can explore through World Anvil before they purchase. By exploring on World Anvil, you can hook potential readers on the world, so they’re itching to buy your latest release. Way more interactive than a book blurb!

Sage monetization interactive map
Fully engage your fans by letting them explore your worlds and art interactively

Give your super-fans deeper insight!

You want to reward your readers, purchasers, or mailing list. Maybe you have a Kickstarter, VIP club, or customers who bought a special edition of a release?

Let your VIPs and Super-fans see what your characters really think of each other with our character relations system!

World Anvil helps you provide behind-the-scenes access for these loyal superfans! Import mailing lists by CSV – super quick to refresh them to keep your lists up to date! Share access-restricted content with them using subscriber codes and password protected articles. Expand on characters, locations or lore. Let them send you fan fiction that you can approve before publication. You could even run giveaways & raffles for access to special content via your social media!

Use CSV Imports for mailing lists, Patreon lists, Twitch Subscribers, Kickstarter Backer lists, and MORE!

A great reading experience

World Anvil’s e-reader with light and dark reading mode is a great reading experience, much more enjoyable than releasing PDFs or forum posts! We are also UserWay enabled for ultimate accessibility.

Engaging, interactive maps and images

Ever tried reading a map on a Kindle? Use World Anvil’s interactive map features allow you to present maps and images in stunning HD, with interactive labels and map layers. You can even give subscriber-only access to specific layers or groups of pins. Track a main character’s journey, the changing political climate or those armies of orcs marching on the hero’s fortress.

Interactive maps and images can have secret layers visible only to certain people… or to no one but yourself!

Total control of presentation for a professional finish

Sage gives you complete control over how your world looks, to immerse your readers even more. Choose a visual CSS theme which suits your world, or make your own! White labelling features remove the World Anvil branding, and you can customise the URL too, creating a seamless, professional look.

sage monetization CSS themes white labelling
Tailor the display of World Anvil’s pages with CSS themes, customization and white labelling.

No more errata!

Never issue errata again. Electronic release means you can make live changes easily. Update the canon to reflect the latest releases, and make edits (or fix typos!) any time.

Keep your fans updated on new releases

Want to announce a new release? Use the blocks feature to create in-world announcements about your new content coming out!

Easy access and collaboration for teams

Fans love an author collaboration, and World Anvil allows authors easy collaboration on big projects! Your content authors can create entire worlds together with our co-author system. Use World Anvil as your design team’s bible, and make sure your IP’s canon is recorded in one easy place.

Your authors can also keep a private and public version of the world. Control the privacy of every article, edit your author’s work easily, and choose when work is ready for public consumption. You (or your authors) can also create a private world setting bible for your own reference – ideal if multiple authors are collaborating or writing separate projects set in the same world setting. What colour were that character’s eyes again?

Publishing writing?

Encourage fans to stay engaged with your authors!

With World Anvil, authors can release content like spinoffs, short stories, character interviews and details about the world between their novels, without the publishing costs. Make it open and free, monetize this content or give it to your supporters, VIPs and superfans by using password-protected articles and subscriber codes.

sage monetization content
Release content articles to tease or inspire your fans!

Up your visual impact without increasing printing costs

Reduce publishing and printing costs,and up the visual impact of your releases, by using online content release for your maps, family trees, images and more. Authors can include their own concept art, details about their process, their inspiration boards, or extra content and deleted scenes cut from the final novel release. Releasing a code or password in the book will give purchasers access to this content.

sage monetization writer author
Use the interactive image features for family trees, and link pins into character articles, to help your audience navigate your dynasties and clans!

Publishing RPG content?

All genres and systems welcome!

World Anvil is completely System and Genre agnostic. You can release homebrew content, a new campaign setting or even a brand new RPG system. Create your own stat blocks for them – items, spells, monsters, races, locations, variant rules or anything else.

sage monetization rollable stat blocks
Create your own rollable stat-blocks and build your own character sheets!

Living modules, always up-to-date

New editions and expansions to RPG systems can mean you need to keep up with the latest content. Make changes to your modules live at any time. Release new modules as an expansion to the setting, and use our linking system to refer back to the rest of your content, allowing your readers to easily navigate the world. You can also easily update your content as new RPG systems come out, so it’s always compatible with the latest ruleset!

Interactive Adventure Modules or Campaign Settings!

World Anvil is also a totally new way to release Adventure Modules or Campaign settings for your supporters either instead of, or in addition to, PDF release. World Anvil doesn’t claim any fees or rights to your content – you own your own IP (this is super important to us).

You can release special map layers to give extra information, or groups of pins to show important locations in your area and link regions into battle maps! All your content will be integrated and connected together using the mentions system, so you never have to explain anything twice! Less work for you, and a more interactive and intuitive experience for your readers.

A sample of a rollable table, perfect for an Adventure module! Character sheets and stat blocks are also roll-able with a click!

What should I do next?

If you’re interested in purchasing a sage membership and starting your monetization journey, go here worldanvil.com/worldbuilders-guild-membership#sage

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about how to use World Anvil, check out:

If you have a questions or issues regarding subscriptions, you can contact the World Anvil Founders, Dimitris and Janet, at hello@worldanvil.com.