Prefer to watch the video of this World Anvil Tutorial? Check it out here!

To get to the Create interface, you’ll need to have an account created, and have started a world! Check out this World Anvil Tutorial video! It takes you through the simple steps to make that happen!

What can I do from this interface?

The World Anvil Create Interface is the go-to place for creating new worldbuilding content. Here you can see all the options for what you can create: articles, stat blocks for tabletop RPG games, and even timelines, maps and secrets! So let’s get started!

World Anvil Tutorials CREATE

The Create Interface can be reached from the left hand menu bar… just like everything else in World Anvil! 🙂

When you land on this interface, you can see all the possible template types for worldbuilding articles. You can mouse over the templates to get more information about them, and looking through them can sometimes be enough to spark inspiration for something new in your world. Templates are super easy to use. Just click the button to open a template and start worldbuilding! Each of these templates prompts you with questions relevant to what you’re creating, so for the best World Anvil experience, make sure you choose the right template. As a quick tip, countries and religions are both organizations, and all individuals – including gods, sidekicks, and your trusty steed – are characters. For a full breakdown and explanation of our Templates, check out this World Anvil Tutorial Video which goes through all the template types in more detail!

On World Anvil, you can also create your own custom worldbuilding templates in the Creator’s Studio (also found in the left hand menu!). Once attached to your world, they’ll appear on top of the list of templates for easy access. In the picture above, the Weapons and Supernaturals templates are ones I’ve created myself, and attached to my world. To learn more about Custom Article Templates, check out this World Anvil Tutorial on the subject!

Creating Stat blocks for Tabletop RPG Games!

World Anvil Tutorial statblocks

Click the stat-blocks tab on the interface, then choose the template you want!

You can also create stat blocks from this interface, for your tabletop Roleplaying Games. Make sure you have the RPG features enabled on your account. You can activate those by clicking your profile image on the top left, and selecting Account Details from the dropdown menu. You can choose which RPG system you’re working in for each world, by going to the World Configuration settings, which you can find in the left hand menu. In the picture above, we have the templates for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition statblocks. To homebrew a statblock, just click on the button to open the temple, fill in the form, and voila – your very own new spell, race, item or monster! 


You can also use this interface to create Categories, which help organize your articles. There are also links that take you to the maps Interface, where you can upload your maps onto World Anvil. You can build Timelines, add Historical Entries, and even create Secrets, all from this interface. 


World Anvil Tutorials



In the top right, you can View your world in “View” mode by clicking the button. Beneath it you’ll be able to see any tabletop RPG campaigns and you have active in your world. Scroll down, and you’ll see what you’ve been working on recently as well as your world’s word count. You can even see your to do list from here. (You’ll find the full to-do list interface on the left hand menu bar). 

And that’s all there is to it! Simple, right?

More World Anvil Tutorials?

Are you looking for more help? 

  1. Check out our Documentation – the World Anvil Codex!
  2. Or join our Discord Server to get your questions answered.
  3. Finally, make sure you check out our Youtube Channel for World Anvil Tutorials and worldbuilding content.

For now, though, it’s time to grab your hammer, and GO WORLDBUILD!