Our friends at Worldbuilding Magazine have released a new issue about Ancestry & Lineage! This 90-page issue comes packed with interviews, articles, stories, and artwork, all about worldbuilding.

What’s in this issue?

Cover of the latest issue of the Worldbuilding Magazine: Ancestry & Lineage

Gorgeous cover of Ancestry & Lineage.

Worldbuilding Magazine is always full of inspiring and insightful content that will help you in your worldbuilding projects. In this month’s issue, you can find all kinds of contents revolving around worldbuilding families of all kinds. There are also a couple of interviews with expert worldbuilders! Check it out:

• Six new worldbuilding articles featuring discussions on worldbuilding with ancestry, family, and inheritance! Plus, a continuation of Thirty-Three Tales of War by Emory Glass.
• An interview with Ed Greenwood, author and creator of The Forgotten Realms!
• They also interviewed Zach, a member of our community who is creating the world of Murmdus.
• Artist showcase with Solomon Enos, who spoke with us about his setting Polyfantastica.
• Plus, more worldbuilding prompts, artist resources, and other extras!

Pretty cool, huh? Read this new issue on the Worldbuilding Magazine web site.

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