Today’s worldbuilding inspiration from Guy begins with launch of his new series using World Anvil: Creating the Campaign. This will be a weekly series where Guy will demonstrate a structured approach with specific tools to build a campaign throughout the year. In #0 – What, Where, and How, complete with a fun GoT intro reference, Guy goes over the structure, tools, and milestones planned for this series!

The Structure 

On a weekly basis, Guy will be bringing up a weekly project with something that you may want to consider adding to your world. Examples may include adding an NPC, a battle sequence, or maybe a timeline! He will be setting an area of focus, providing tips and inspiration that may help you keep on track. Guy will pose challenges to you to hopefully engage a different perspective on the topic. Lastly, he will also keep progress on how to move forward to creating more of the campaign.


Guy’s primary creator for this series is – World Anvil! He will be going over what World Anvil has to offer in features and functionality to create a better campaign. He will also be primarily using Dungeon Fog, a free and intuitive map maker which he will use when creating a map is necessary. For supporting the campaign with visuals, Guy will be using Photoshop but mentions there are plenty other image editors that can be used for this purpose (since Photoshop is quite expensive!). Finally, he will be exploring various web apps that can help accomplish specific tasks, such as city generators for example.

Monthly milestones 

Guy provides a rough timeline visualizing what he plans to accomplish during certain monthly milestones! He breaks up the year from 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. By the end of 12 months, you should have a complete campaign!
  •  3 Months – World, Setting, Plots
  • 6 Months – Details, Values, History
  • 9 Months – First Steps
  • 12 Months – Finished 

How to begin creating a campaign

In Guy’s first episode in the journey to creating a complete campaign, #1 – Creating your Sentence, he focuses on several building blocks to begin building the campaign completely from scratch. Not only that, but he uses World Anvil’s world creator to establish the name, to the theme, encompassing the sentence that drives the story.

Somebody wants something badly by a specific time, and is having difficulty getting it using X because of Y.

What are you waiting for? Watch the first two videos of his series below and follow along with guy creating your own campaign! Interested creating your own campaign? Tell us in the comments below!