With January almost over, you might be looking for some Worldbuilding inspiration to get you into the creative mood for 2019. Youtube is always a great place to look, with a myriad of interesting creators to check out. Sometimes however you can overwhelmed with finding good content. To help with that, we’ve picked out ten of our favourite worldbuilding youtubers for you to check out this year!

1. Spacedock

Spacedock examines the lore of popular science fiction ships, and also provides tips on science fiction worldbuilding.

If you want to know about space warfare, starship design and what makes an iconic starship, then Spacedock is your first stop!

2. How to be a Great Game Master

The Great GM brings together his own style of story telling with great worldbuilding advice. Not just GMs will benefit from the advice he has to dispense.

The Great GM’s Worldbuilding with World Anvil series will provide some great tips on how to use our templates to their very best.

3. Worldbuilding Notes

Worldbuilding Notes gives you a glimpse into a tiny river valley world, and all the worldbuilding you can do in a single valley.

The notes combine beautiful illustrations with conlangs and carefully considered social dynamics that will give you tons of inspiration.

4. Artifexian

Interested in the science of how the world and language work?

Artifexian will satisfy your curiosity with a range of detailed lessons on the science of worldbuilding planets, and creating languages for your people.

5. World Anvil

Did you know we have a Youtube channel? We do!

Janet, Queen of the Forge, provides worldbuilding tips and tricks in our on-going Youtube series, with some special pointers on how to execute the writing of captivating worldbuilding.

6. Hello Future Me

Hello Future Me may be best known for examining the lore of Avatar, but he also has a great worldbuilding series you can check out!

Covering topics like Hard and Soft Magic, Religions and more, he brings the lessons he’s learned with deep lore diving to making your own world rival famous paracosms.

7. Stoneworks Worldbuilding

Who better for your 2019 inspiration than a worldbuilding dedicated channel?

Stoneworks provides some great geography and climate advice, along with tips on many other aspects of worldbuilding.

8. Marc Brunet

Artist Marc Brunet is a newcomer to worldbuilding but his brand new Chroma Island series presents a beautifully illustrated world!

Getting your inspiration fix sometimes requires checking out the work of others. So while you won’t find too much advice here, you will find lots of inspiration.

9. Pear of Geeks

Pear of Geeks has some great worldbuilding advice to dispense. Whether its for playing a campaign or writing a novel, they have tips for courtly intrigue and what you might be doing wrong with your worldbuilding.

If you’ve been struggling with making your politics deeper, check out their video to the right.

10. Shadiversity

Shadiversity will answer all your questions about the middle ages and worldbuilding in them. From castles, to medieval armour, Shadiversity has plenty of advice to dispense.

Ever wanted to know what rooms a castle has? What weapon a four armed creature would wield? He’s got videos for that.