This week, we have an awesome new upcoming features and an upcoming new challenge teased on our social medias! You can also find out the latest from our FAQs including upcoming events like map making advice streams, and a stage on how much World Building is needed before you start writing?

Look at these Awesome Community Feature Releases!

Do you love D&DBeyond and wished you could import your characters from there to World Anvil? Well, lovely beans, today is the day!

Import your characters from D&D Beyond to World Anvil!

You can now summon your character from D&D Beyond to your World Anvil account! Follow these steps to grab your character:

  • Go to your statblocks tab from your World Anvil dashboard
  • Create a new character sheet for Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition
  • Click the Big Red Button that says “Import D&D Beyond Character“, a pop up will ask for the character’s ID
  • Go to your D&DBeyond character sheet
  • copy the ID of the character (the string of numbers at the end of the url) into the pop up

From there, your character sheet will be imported. If you update your sheet on D&D Beyond, You can use this same feature to update your character sheet using these same steps. We hope you enjoy this new feature! Please let us know what you think!

Join educational Live Events this week!

Wanna create better maps, learn how to worldbuild better names, and worldbuild collaboratively? Well, we’ve got the events for you!

Interview with Worldbuilder and Critical Role Mapmaker – Andy Law (Interview Livestream)

Learn to build better map—wait a minute … That’s right! We’re interviewing Andy Law, an amazing cartographer with works in Warhammer, Call of Cthuhlu, Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, Critical Role, and more. Join us to learn whether mapmaking or worldbuilding comes first on this Livestream!

  • Topic: Interview with Andy Law
  • When: Friday 4th March at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

New Features Revealed and Live Support! (Community Livestream)

This Saturday is our Community Livestream! New features revealed, plus your World Anvil questions answered? Yes, you can tune in to Ask us Anything, learn what’s happening, and take part in the livestream raffles too!

  • Topic: Community Livestream
  • When: Saturday 5th March at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

How Much Worldbuilding before Writing? (Stage)

For this Question of the Week, we’re asking you how you know when you’ve worldbuilt enough to start writing or start a campaign. Whether you have a method, whether you have a gut feeling, we’re gonna learn all about it this Sunday on a World Anvil Discord Stage!

  • Topic: Question of the Week
  • When: Sunday 6th March at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Discord (World Anvil Radio)

Get involved with World Anvil community’s challenges

As always, challenges are an amazing way to motivate yourself, and a great reason to share your worldbuilding with the community and the wider world!

  • The Nerdbuilding Flash Challenge has closed! Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge. You can look forward to the badges and the prizes being distributed in the next few weeks!
  • The Bard Challenge judging period is underway as they decide between their favorite articles from the community. Stay tuned for the winners announced this week on Saturday March 5th!

Creative Help FAQs! 

The community livestream is one of the best places to get creative advice from the founders of World Anvil and the community. Here are some questions we had from worldbuilding to writing!

Is there an image gallery or rolling image section I can put in my World Anvil articles?

Yes, indeed! In your gallery, at the top of a folder, there is a grey clipboard icon you can click on. This copies image IDs and puts them into an image carosel for your article. Paste this ID in your article for it to appear. Enjoy~!

Are lifetime subscriptions back?

Yes! Right now, we are in the middle of a soft release, allowing keenly perceptive members of the community to discover it. We did not want to talk about them openly yet because we wanted to make sure everything appeared and worked correctly before we announced them formally. But, we wanted to bring this back for a long time. Thank you for your patience!

I’m having problems upgrading my membership! What do I do?

You should be able to upgrade, so if you are having issues implementing, that would be a bug. Please use the Red “Do You Need Help” Question Mark on your dashboard to navigate to the bug reporting portal.

How do I active the alchemist features?

To enable Alchemist features, navigate to your dashboard, and click on your profile icon. Select “Features” and scroll to the bottom to enable alchemist features. You will have to log out and log back in to make sure it is properly activated. If you navigate back to this page and the button is green, saying settings are “enabled”, it should be working.

Could there be a section on our world pages where we can copy pasta (or even use a badgeblock to add our favourite badges for readers to see) like … a trophy case?

This is an interesting feature suggestion! Please put it in Feature Suggestion & Voting to see what the rest of the community says. After you post it there, feel free to post in on social media to help it get traction and seen by more members of our community!

What kind of military units and  armaments are best for mountainous regions? I’m guessing cavalry is less than ideal…

Unless it is air cavalry! All joking aside, there are a lot of historical units. The Italians had a group for mountains alps battles. They had tools that specifically allowed them to create traps. and in Norway and Greece, they had skiers to help them navigate quickly over snowy and mountainous regions. In World War II, the Japanese dug tunnels through mountains that make it impossible for American forces to find them. When thinking about this then, you need people who can adapt to the cold environment and uneven terrain. In a fantasy setting, this could be someone who can mold rocks or fly, or maybe they have moles mounts!

I’ve update my account on World Anvil to Master. How can I update it on discord?

Welcome to the worldbuilding guild! You can hit the sync button on your account page to reconnect and resync. If you go to your dashboard, click on account, there you will find where to resync for discord.

Check Out these Awesome Beans: Anvilite Spotlight!

Finally, time for our favorite thing! Let’s shout out some amazing members of our community and give away amazing goodies.

Community Stream Raffle!

During our latest stream, we raffled off an INCREDIBLE Eldritch Foundry Mini. Congratulations to the raffle winner! If you would like to participate in these community raffles as well, you are always welcome to join our Twitch Streams. By chance, if you aren’t able to make it, you can always participate in our challenges for a chance to earn prizes and/or community recognition!


That’s all for this week, lovely beans! See you next week for the recap, and until then – grab your hammer, and go worldbuild!

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