Happy New Year, Anvilites! This month we’re starting a new monthly newsletter on this blog with news about what you can expect for the next four weeks and what’s happened in the past month. So let’s look at what’s been cooking in the Forge!

⚙️ New and upgraded features

The dev team has been laying out the groundwork for very exciting projects coming this year. Additionally, we’ve added or updated these features:

  • 🔥 WorldEmber Winner certificate: You can now get your WorldEmber certificate to show off your achievement!
  • 📝 Rank template additions: new royal titles were added (Hereditary, Honorific/Ceremonial, Household, Military, Non-hereditary)
  • 🎲 RPG systems:
    • Dungeon World: new statblock template for custom classes. Check out an example!
    • Fallout RPG: new monster sheet (example) and NPC sheet (example)
      Credit for both goes to Tillerz, from the World Anvil community!

🗓️ Upcoming and ongoing events

Here are all challenges and events that are happening in January!

  • 🚀 Forge the Future survey: this is your chance to tell us what you’d like to see on World Anvil in the coming months, and to provide feedback about the platform and the community. Take the survey before the 14th!
  • 🏆 Worldbuilding Awards 2022: submit your best work of 2022 for a chance to be chosen as one of the best worldbuilders of the year! You have until the 28th to submit your entries. Read the rules on the event page.
  • ❄️ New Year’s Resolutions Challenge: start 2023 by learning from your fellow Anvilites and setting your creative resolutions. You have until January 28th to take part. More details on the challenge page!
  • 🔥 WorldEmber Awards Ceremony: join us on our Twitch channel for a special stream where we’ll announce the winners and the highlights of WorldEmber 2022. Save the date for January 28th at 6pm UK/10am Pacific!
  • 🎓 Sage Seminar about zines and ZineQuest: if you’re a Sage of the Guild, this month’s Seminar will be about zines and how you can make the most out of ZineQuest. As always, it will happen on the 21st—watch your notifications for details soon!

🌟 Community highlight

Wanna see something AWESOME? Here’s Gauntlet, a playable game by TJ Trewin with custom card designs and full rules you can play in real life too. And it even includes an interactive example playthrough! Check out Gauntlet on World Anvil.

Gauntlet, a card game by TJ Trewin