July has ended, and with it the core of Summer Camp! Regardless of how many prompts you answered, if you answered any prompts and expanded your world—you’re a winner! Don’t forget to claim your SUMMER CAMP WINNER certificate here! Now, let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in August.

⚙️ New and upgraded features

Here’s what’s new this month in the dev space!

  • 📝 New article selector! We’ve changed how the article-selection drop-downs work all around World Anvil. This will make the editing interface load much faster, especially for big worlds!
  • 🎲 New character sheets:

🗓️ Upcoming and ongoing events

Stand by for our August events!

  • 📖 Reading Challenge: this month’s challenge is all about improving your own worldbuilding by reading other people’s! It runes from the 1st to the 26th of August—check out the challenge page for details.
  • 🍨 Summer Camp Awards Ceremony: the Awards Ceremony will be on the 26th of August! Tune in to learn if you won something and to celebrate your Summer Camp accomplishments!
  • 🇺🇸 GenCon Meetup: Janet and Dimitris will be at GenCon, and on the 6th of August they’ll organize a meet-up! It will be outside the convention center, so you can go even if you don’t go to GenCon! Check out the event details.
  • 🎓 Sage Seminar: The topic for this month’s Sage Seminar is ”How to make the most out of sage features”! It will take place along with the Inner Sanctum meetings on the third Saturday of the month, August 19th at the usual time.

Here’s the event schedule for the next three months:

August 3-month event calendar

🌟 Community highlight

This month we’re featuring one of our most beautiful worlds! It was one of the winners of the Most Beautiful World Award in 2022, and it stands out among the rest for its minimalistic and tasteful design, using subtle colors and gradients that put the text on the forefront of the page. Explore Shadowfire, by Ononomad!

Community highlight: Shadowfire by Ononomad

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